Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Signs/placecards for Food & Markers!!!

Okay so i seen the idea on the knot where a bride left crayons on her paper table cloths for people to write messages, i loved the idea but instead of keeping a bunch of table cloths im going to have everyone sign the head table (bride & grooms table) im buying regular plastic table cloths from the dollar store and we are going to leave out Sharpies with a sign that lets them know to use them.

Also i hate when i go somewhere i dont know what exactly each dip is or the food is, so i made placecards to put in front of the food so everyone would know what everything is.

....Oh & also i got my full playlist made today, YAY!!! 3 hrs and bout 15 minutes of music for the reception, 45 minutes of music for when people are coming in and taking their seats, and also ive picked a song for the bridal party to come in to at the ceremony, my song, our first dance, a father daughter song, & a mother son song. im sooo proud and dear god i hope i never have to do anything like that again!!! it was an on and off time workin with it but i think i like how it turned out overall that people will enjoy the music.

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