Monday, January 5, 2015

New year; new projects!!!!

As a new year has been thrust upon us so has so many new ideas...yayyyy!!!! As for the last place we had a hold up so it will probably be a good long while. Many things have happened that would take nearly too long to explain but I just keep rolling with the punches. 
   I have received many emails with questions about where I've been and asking about my most popular post the candy bar wrapper template. The answer to your questions are sorry I've been super busy and stillllll don't have a computer cause I have these things called bills *no sarcasm intended* and as for the candy bar wrappers due to the crashing of my PC over a year ago I no longer have the templates. I'm sorry!! but you could always go back to my original post and save the picture of the template and edit right on top of it. I'd leave a link to make it easier to find but since I'm on an iPad I haven't figured out how to add links from here yet. 
      Hopefully I will be back on track soon. I recently done a few updates to the blog and hopefully will get the opportunity to do a few more and get into doing the things I enjoy like cooking, crafting, renovating, and just letting my creative side back out. For 2 years now I've been all work and no play but now I think it's time for some me time doing things I enjoy doing, blogging and crafting! So I hope to be back soon!! 

In the mean time, my inspirational quotes I'm loving for 2015! All about bettering yourself and your life!!

New Year, New Projects! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

A new front door!!

Sooo this is a blog post from my phone. So it will not be detailed or extravagant in any I type this my dog is laying on my lap chewing on basically anything he can get his paws on and the hubs is gone fishing, so this is a last minute spur of the moment post...on with it!!!

Knock, knock, knockin on heavens dooorrrrr!!! I just wanna sing when I think about my door!

 Introducing, my brand new front door!! I know compared to the nice door the rest of the house looks skank. Haha! This is my not so lovely mobile home. The door we had on it before had a busted out window, so basically anyone could reach their hand in and unlock the door (which if you know anything about mobile homes in the south, it's not a good thing) so before we went into depth working on the inside we wanted to be sure what we done was not going to be tampered with, so step one, a door! Got this one from lowes, it's just your cheap basic exterior door. Bout $126 plus tax. I am super excited about a door. It's one step closer to where we need to be. We also ripped all the walls off and tore out all the old insulation because it is an old mobile home it will need all new wiring and the insulation was horrid.

Gonna add a deadbolt later to the door. We used a basic house door to Make the small mobile home seem more like a house and because of that we had to cut out the frame wider to fit the larger house door. And by we I mean my husband and awesome handyman/stepdad. Hehe! 
They would kill me if they knew I took this pic at work, what I like to see! 

Why an ugly yellow trailer?...well dont worry, it won't be yellow-brown forever. We are thinking of maybe a vinyl siding in the future..but we will see when time comes and we get to it.

So I know it don't seem like much but we have done a few other things to it that I didn't record but I will try to keep track as we go along, I know this is's not a tutorial or anything but I was just so excited to have a door I just wanted to show it off and share my excitement! More to come soon guys!!! Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Demolition Time!

       As many of you already know I have been blabbing on forever about the fixer upper I have and have yet to get started on it. (The husband and I are some serious hardcore procrastinators).  But we are going to get it done, hopefully all done and moved in by October if everything works out like we are hoping....

But today we decided since we both had a day off together on the same day *believe it or not* that we would go and work on it a little to try and get it started. So the husband started with demolition and the two of us took shovels and worked on the outdoor area to prepare it for some of the changes to come (which may or may not include building add-ons).

No, I did not take pics because let me warn you now, it is a big hot mess that would give you all strokes. I might take some and keep them to show after we complete the place, but as of right now its not worthy enough to show to ANYBODY. But as we impove it I will definitely give you guys updates as we go along (and pics)....its at its worst stage right now, so time to improve!! :)

Thanks guys for stickin with me, miss u guys and I promise to update as soon as we start really getting stuff done. Bye guys!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Water Bottle Labels *New & Improved*

Hello my craft loving friends!
I am always getting questions about these personalized water bottle labels I made for my wedding back in 2011. However I made those years ago and have since had my pc I made them on crash so I no longer had the template which was requested and asked for alot. So because so many people ask about them I decided to remake them but an updated version. I will be sharing with you a birthday template, 2 baby shower label templates (girl and boy), and a blank template of them where you can add whatever you want on to it. So let's just get on to the labels!!!

Instructions for download:
Rather then a download I will just be sharing the pictures below where you can right-click and save them to your computer! Then all you do is print and cut out and you are ready to go. They should be just the right size to fit an average sized water bottle. It helps if you take clear packaging tape and cover the labels (almost like laminating them) to make them waterproof.

                                                       Birthday Labels!

Baby Shower for boy!

Baby Shower for a Girl!

Blank Labels
For the blank labels you can save them and just add whatever words you want for whatever occasion you may have whether it be a graduation or bridal shower. Once you save the picture you can open it in paint or another picture editing program or website of your choice to add whatever pictures and words you want. I like to use or 

I hope these labels help you guys out and help you all throw some awesome partys. People will definitely be talking about how awesome it is that you have your own personalized water bottle labels at all your events. I love to see when people use things I've posted so please if you use these don't forget to share your pictures of the finished product with me so I can see all of the awesome bottles and party decor you make with the template.

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