Saturday, May 24, 2014

Demolition Time!

       As many of you already know I have been blabbing on forever about the fixer upper I have and have yet to get started on it. (The husband and I are some serious hardcore procrastinators).  But we are going to get it done, hopefully all done and moved in by October if everything works out like we are hoping....

But today we decided since we both had a day off together on the same day *believe it or not* that we would go and work on it a little to try and get it started. So the husband started with demolition and the two of us took shovels and worked on the outdoor area to prepare it for some of the changes to come (which may or may not include building add-ons).

No, I did not take pics because let me warn you now, it is a big hot mess that would give you all strokes. I might take some and keep them to show after we complete the place, but as of right now its not worthy enough to show to ANYBODY. But as we impove it I will definitely give you guys updates as we go along (and pics)....its at its worst stage right now, so time to improve!! :)

Thanks guys for stickin with me, miss u guys and I promise to update as soon as we start really getting stuff done. Bye guys!

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