Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Christmas Project Ideas!...Again!

Guess Whatttt???

As you all know I am still without a computer, but I believe it or not have not been doing a lot of crafting lately. It seems I am just too busy and constantly running to even sit and plan a craft project. But in spirit of the season I will do as I done last year and show you some great Christmas themed DIY projects you can do at home that I found in the Pinterest world.

This burlap candy cane wreath is adorable! I just love it and if you go to the page Kathy has a great tutorial on making it with a foam noodle. Doesn't it look completely cute! Love it.

This is the cutest necklace, & it looks super easy. I would love to make it I just cant find any of that dimensional mod podge anywhere. Still love it.

I absolutely adore these! They are the cutest things EVERRR! Penguins are my favorite animal they are just the cutest. I definitely need to make these and Sarah has the CUTEST little crochet patterns ever on her site Repeat Crafter Me

I need one of these for Kentucky! How adorable!!

I absolutely love this, it is gorgeous! I definitely need to make this!

& again I start my caroling"
"Baby its cold outsideeeee!"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My computer kicked the bucket

so i am fully aware that i have not been posting or replying to your comments and emails. i do apologize however i do have good reasons, a few months ago my laptop decided to die on me, and by die i mean like legit it blew up. i have not been able to reply and send you all the templates and things youve asked for because like a dummy i didnt have my pc backed up and i have been without pc for months. so no posts due to that, i dont actually know how to work blogger from my phone but if i can figure it out i will try and post small posts until i get a computer again. again im sorry my peeps, i will
try to do better! love and miss you all!

love, ashleyyyy! :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm A Slacker! (Pinterest Funnies)

Yep I'll admit it, I am a hardcore slacker! Between work and junk I like to be day I'll get back on track haha. But for now I just wanted to say heyyy! LOL I know I'm weird. But to give you something to look at I figured I would show you some cute pics I found on pinterest since I'm completely addicted.

This first one is the story of my life, mwuhahaha!
(Source: Pinterest)


Said no husband EVER!
(Source: Pinterest)


This one is one of my favorites!
(Source: Pinterest)


This one is definitely me! I love my puppy!
(Source: Pinterest)


I like E-cards...can you tell? haha!
Well sorry I've been gone so long but I'm not too ashamed to admit I'm a slacker & lazy.
Love you all!

Friday, March 29, 2013

My 1st Niece!!

So you all know why I was gone so long blah blah blah! but while I was gone I had done a few projects, some I will do tutorials for some I wont, But for now I want to show off my beautiful niece.

Isn't she beautiful! & Her name is Ashley! yep you heard me right, my sister named her after me! She was born back in February and I just love her!!!

I have 2 nephews and this is my first niece and I'm glad to have her now so I can make all kinds of girly things for her!


And just to add on a little somethin for ya, here's a pic of a set of onesie's I made for my 2 cousin's kids! One of them just had a new baby and he is completely adorable, but he inspired them to want these onesies which I made with my new embroidery machine.

Thank you all! & I hope to be back on track soon! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Baby Easter Tutu

Easter is soo close, and my sister recently had a baby. A little girl, finally my first niece that I can make girly things for! My grandmother found a onesie at Walmart for only $3.25. Which sounds high for just a onesie but if we could get the rest of the outfit for free it would be a complete set for only $3.25, now that's cheap. My sister had not yet got an outfit for the baby for Easter so we decided this would be the perfect plan. The onesie as you can see says "my first Easter" she was born February 19, 2013 so this will definitely be her first Easter. I decided for bottoms a cute skirt would be good, but a tutu would be better.

Easter Onesie- $3.25 at Walmart

All you need for the tutu is:
needle & thread
& tulle in color of choice

I already had everything I needed. (if your wondering why I had tulle laying around, it was left over from our wedding decorations)

I did not take pictures of how I done this but I remembered how to do it from previous tutorials I had seen. In case you haven't seen one Here is a good tutorial that explains what to do to make this easy tutu, just adjust the size to fit your child!

I just wanted to show you guys in case you are last minute needing a easy cheap baby outfit for Easter! I will  probably add pics of my niece in the outfit after easter! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello...Is It Me You're Looking For?

Hey Hey Hey!!!
Long time no blog...let me explain

blah blah blah excuses excuses, I could sit here all day and write a book about how and why I haven't been blogging the last few months but really, who really cares about the details. What matters is i'm back...well..soon to be. Me and the husband have been without internet for quite some time now, so we should have it back in the next week or hopefully I can get back into my blogging groove.

Just thought I'd let ya'll know and apologize for my absence! Thank you all for sticking by me :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Hand Print Pillow! (Kids Craft)

{We haven't moved yet which is why I have internet, the move will happen this weekend though}

This is kind of an old post. I took these pictures forever ago and meant to post it but lost the pictures in a folder in my computer, recently found them, and assumed better late posting then never. The beautiful little boy smiling with his eyes closed in this picture is my nephew, I love him!

He is 4 & he loved this activity. He had a blast.
It's so simple & so fun!!
This is a great activity to do with your kids or nephews, they will love it and it is a memory & a pillowcase you can cherish forever!!

Paint (in different colors)
Plain White Pillowcases
Child :)

First I put paint in three different colors on some foam plates & laid out 2 plain white pillow cases on the table at the nephews reach.

Then you just let them have fun with it. Miguel LOVED it.

Don't forget to sign it with their name (if they cant sign their own name) & date it so you can look back at these cute pillowcases & remember the sweet age they were at when they made these!

Yeah these were made in June, that's how behind I am on posting this one! But again I repeat, better late then never!

He was so proud!!

This would be cute to put on pillows and set out in the kids room or on their bed.

I had someone trying to get in the shot while taking pictures, isn't she adorable?!

Anyways, hope you all liked this activity, I know Miguel did and I think they turned out soo cute!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting off 2013 with a move...or two!

Okay so I know what your thinking, are you guys absolutely crazy?!?!
Well to answer your question...YES, YES WE ARE!!!

So as you guys know we just moved in November right before thanksgiving, well guess what today is...moving day (startin the year off right with some craziness as usual)
We are moving to a new apartment....temporarily. lol.

As I previously told you guys in my last post i think it was, me and the hubs are selling our house that we were still in the process of fixing up and buying a different one (that still needs fixed up.) Well we haven't sold the last one yet but we've already bought the new one. It's not paid off like the last one. The last house we had completely paid off and owed no money on, this one will not exactly be the case, we will have to make a few monthly payments but ohh well.

So we are moving to the apartment until we can fix up the other place we just bought Yesterday! Yep we made our down payment yesterday...and so we are starting to move into the new apartment today ahhh! Craziness, I know!!

I do not know how long it will take me to get internet at the new place though because if we wont be there long we might not even worry about going through the trouble and just wait til we get into the other if i go MIA I am so sorry, life has been crazy these last few months and only getting crazier!

Thank you all for stickin by me and wish me luck with all this craziness lol.

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