Friday, March 29, 2013

My 1st Niece!!

So you all know why I was gone so long blah blah blah! but while I was gone I had done a few projects, some I will do tutorials for some I wont, But for now I want to show off my beautiful niece.

Isn't she beautiful! & Her name is Ashley! yep you heard me right, my sister named her after me! She was born back in February and I just love her!!!

I have 2 nephews and this is my first niece and I'm glad to have her now so I can make all kinds of girly things for her!


And just to add on a little somethin for ya, here's a pic of a set of onesie's I made for my 2 cousin's kids! One of them just had a new baby and he is completely adorable, but he inspired them to want these onesies which I made with my new embroidery machine.

Thank you all! & I hope to be back on track soon! :)

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