Monday, January 5, 2015

New year; new projects!!!!

As a new year has been thrust upon us so has so many new ideas...yayyyy!!!! As for the last place we had a hold up so it will probably be a good long while. Many things have happened that would take nearly too long to explain but I just keep rolling with the punches. 
   I have received many emails with questions about where I've been and asking about my most popular post the candy bar wrapper template. The answer to your questions are sorry I've been super busy and stillllll don't have a computer cause I have these things called bills *no sarcasm intended* and as for the candy bar wrappers due to the crashing of my PC over a year ago I no longer have the templates. I'm sorry!! but you could always go back to my original post and save the picture of the template and edit right on top of it. I'd leave a link to make it easier to find but since I'm on an iPad I haven't figured out how to add links from here yet. 
      Hopefully I will be back on track soon. I recently done a few updates to the blog and hopefully will get the opportunity to do a few more and get into doing the things I enjoy like cooking, crafting, renovating, and just letting my creative side back out. For 2 years now I've been all work and no play but now I think it's time for some me time doing things I enjoy doing, blogging and crafting! So I hope to be back soon!! 

In the mean time, my inspirational quotes I'm loving for 2015! All about bettering yourself and your life!!

New Year, New Projects! 
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