Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts

Okay so I meant to make individual posts for all my gifts I made but honestly let's face the facts, I am running way behind. Christmas eve is 1 week from today and I do not have to time to edit the pictures and post all of them because I still have tons to do before Christmas and I have been so busy lately the last month or so. So I will just show you pictures of what few things I did make. There will not be tutorials for these, sorry guys!

(p.s. I made alot of sharpie mugs as gifts, I just think its the cutest simplest most personalized gift you can make on a budget)

First is this Breast Cancer Ribbon mug I made for my aunt Gracie! She is a breast cancer survivor! See how I wrote on my mugs with sharpies HERE

And for another sharpie mug project I made this pig nose mug for my sister, she is obsessed with pigs. (please excuse the way I looked in these pics lol no makeup)
 I wrote Miss Piggy across the front of the mug

I also made a mug for my uncle. It just says ROBERT

For my brother I made a stash jar or should I say, a 'stashe' jar lol. I filled with all kinds of random candy. I made it out of an old pickle jar that I painted with a Black Painter Pen and I painted the lid with some gold spray paint. 

I have 2 step sisters, both of their favorite colors are pink and last time I seen then they were both playing with those Bratz Catz dolls where you dress up your dolls as Cats. I somehow managed to come up with the idea to crochet them both hats with cat ears. It was my first time trying anything like that so the ears aren't perfect but they r kids they wont care.
(again excuse the way I look)

I still have 2 more gifts to make and tons to wrap and still more to buy. Thank you guys for stickin with me and I hope you all come back soon, hopefully I'll eventually get to get things straightened out and get on a schedule. Love you all and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. so those sharpie mugs don't rub off? did you have to bake them or anything? what great gifts!

    1. yes I posted a link above the first one to the first post I made about my sharpie mugs, I done the same thing with all of them. I baked them for 30 minutes on 350 degrees in the oven. Make sure you put the mugs in the oven before you turn it on though so the mug can warm up with the oven and same for cooling. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Love the pig mug!

  3. Your mugs are so cute! I love the hats too. Great job on your gifts (and don't feel bad, we have barely started shopping, crafting, and not even touched wrapping).

  4. If you bake the mug with the pig nose on the bottom do you still bakeyit right-side up?

  5. If you bake the mug with the pig nose on the bottom do you still bakeyit right-side up?


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