Friday, August 31, 2012

Zombie Posters + Zombie Party Game!

Zombies! The kids here love em. This is a third continued post of my original DIY Zombie Party Decor post 1 and then Zombie Cake (zombie party post 2).

This isn't necessarily a tutorial but more of a post just showing you how I made these posters and how you can turn them into a fun kids party game!


1. First I drew my outline. I just drew up the zombies, not with a lot of details or anything (I plan to add those as I color them.) I hand drew these but you can print out large pictures of zombies or trace them or however you choose to do it. (disclaimer: I am no artist and am not saying I am good at drawing lol.)
I made one poster of a girl zombie, & one of a boy. So during the game they could choose who they wanted to kill and more than one kid could play at a time.

2. Next (you guessed it) I colored the zombies! I just colored them and added details as I done it such as random spots all over them to make them look dirty and red spots to make them look bloody. When I think of zombies I think of dark n gross, so I colored there skin grey, there clothes brown and dark blue, and used black and brown and grey to make shades and dirt spots all over them. I colored around their eyes black to make them look dead and added red blood spots all over them with red crayons.

& They are finished!! Here's pics of each of them!

The Game:
Adult Version: Hang the posters and stand back a few feet and throw darts at the zombies. Make it a competition, head shots and heart shots are the kill shots!!

Kid Version: fill some water-balloons with some watered-down paint (so you can get it in the balloons easier and stretch your paint further into more balloons.) Let the kids throw the balloons at the Zombies that you've hung on the wall (protect your floors and walls if you are indoors, but I highly suggest this as an outdoor game if you plan to use paint.) Remember Head shots and Heart shots are the kill shots.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Omg 2 posts in 1 day, I'm on a roll. That's actually probably sad that the day of my birthday is the day I write 2 blog posts. In all honesty it's been quiet a boring day (well not completely). I spent the first half of the day with my mother & my nephew which was fun but once I got home this evening its been slightly boring. The hubs is gone to Florida for work, well he WAS now he is going to Louisiana! The tropical storm Isaac was going to hit Florida but decided "nahh lets terrorize Louisiana some more." Part of the hubs job is having to go out of town when there are natural disasters to help when people lose their electricity and stuff. So he is gone which is why I am spending my birthday blogging! But hey, who better to talk to then my followers right?

Last year around my birthday I heard this song, so on my birthday I listened to it. Well since it is my birthday again I listened to it again lol and just thought id share it.



thanks for stopping by!

Zombie Bloody Cake!

Let me start this post off with, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! I know your probably wondering and although Id rather not tell, I'll tell ya anyways...I am 21 years old as of today! Yep, I can get drunkkkk! HAHA I'm SOOO joking,I actually don't drink. Anyways, just saying...YAY! 


Thanks for letting me be an excited little girl for a moment, now on to this Zombie Cake!
As I said in my previous post, I helped my Aunt-in-law with a few things for her step-kids birthday party. Zombie lovin kids that go by Zombie #1, 2, & 3. So we decided to make the cakes ourselves and make it a cake any zombie would love to eat, a cake covered with bloody body parts...yummm! LOL. These would also be good for a Halloween themed party, which is coming up, eeeek!

The body parts were NOT edible but they were cute & the kids loved em. We bought all these body parts for $1 a pack at the Dollar Tree. So for $4 we got 1 brain, 5 fingers, 5 eyeballs, and 5 ears. Gross right? haha!

1. Bake the cakes & let cool! First I baked the cakes. Just follow the instructions on the cake mix boxes. One yellow & one chocolate so each kid could have a cake and there would be cake options for people. Bought each cake mix at Save-a-lot, probably about $1 a piece if even that much. After baking the cakes I let them cool completely so they wouldn't melt the icing I put on it.

2. Icing cake & add body parts! I just used regular vanilla icing on the cakes, probably about $1 a container. Bought 1 container per cake, after icing it generously I still had a little bit left, HAD lol. I used white icing so you could see the blood and body parts real good! I just randomly threw the body parts around the cake so it looked like some kind of massacre happened there! I put body parts on one and Aunt-in-law done the other.

                                                 Zombie # 3's cake!
                                                     Zombie # 1's Cake!

3. Add Blood!! okay so NOT REALLY! But I found this individual bottle of RED food coloring at save-a-lot. We just slung food coloring all over the cake and on the body parts! No particular way, just let it look all messy and crazy.

Beware this stuff does stain your fingers and it will take you all day to get it off! LOL


These cakes were good and the kids went NUTS!

This would be a great cake idea for a Halloween Party also if you aren't throwing any zombie parties anytime soon haha!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Zombie Party Decor

Over the past weekend I helped my Aunt-in-law with a birthday party she was throwing for her step-kids. Two of them were both celebrating their birthdays with one party and all three of the kids have 1 thing in common, they love zombies. Yep you heard me right, ZOMBIES! They are nuts for everything zombie. The 3rd kid had a zombie party last year for her birthday party. So for the sake of this were going to call them Zombie 1, 2, & 3. Going from oldest to youngest. So it was a birthday party for Zombie 1 & 3's Birthdays. I made a few things such as the cakes, the pinata, & some posters for decoration. There were all kinds of details but these 3 were the main ones I did so I'm not going to go into all the details. 

This is not the tutorial post for these projects however I will make tutorial posts for the projects this is just a post to prepare you for what tutorials you can be looking for soon, they were all 3 the easiest things EVER to make!! Although you may not be throwing any zombie birthday party's any time soon these ideas would also be cute for a Halloween party (which by the way is right around the corner).

The Bloody-Gorey-Zombie Cakes!

Zombie # 3's Cake Cake of brains & body parts!

                                                  Zombie # 1's Cake of body parts!
(no the body parts where not edible but the cakes were delicious)
Find the post on this cake HERE!

Zombie Pinata 
looks more like a Frankenstein Pinata but hey, cut me some slack this was my first pinata ever!!!
This pinata was very sturdy and survived all the kids getting to hit it at least 3 or 4 times, then once it fell they each got to hit it 2 or 3 more! Needless to say I think the pinata was a success (I was slightly worried it wouldn't hold up as strong as I had hoped and only 1 or 2 kids would get to hit it, thank goodness they all got to enjoy the fun.) I think this would even be fun for an adult party, who doesn't love pinatas?? I was almost dying to take a whack at it.

Will post Tutorial on this Zombie Pinata Soon!

Zombie Posters
& possible game!
read below for more details about the potential game!

I drew & colored these pictures of zombies originally for the purpose of being a game, we were going to use darts and let the kids try to kill the zombies but lack of finding darts anywhere in our town & also the danger of giving kids darts steered us from that idea. (but it would be great for an adult game.)
Then we decided we would fill water-balloons with paint in different colors and let the kids just throw the paint bombs at the zombies to try and kill them, let's just say the cheap finger paint I got was not so easy to water down & get in the balloons so if you can do it awesome, the kids will love it.

So because both of our game ideas failed we just hung the posters as decoration for the zombie party & afterwards the kids got to keep them to hang up in their zombie room. (Yep you heard me right again, zombie room!! White room covered with red bloody hand prints. Trust me it looks creepier then it sounds.)

Tutorial = Drawing zombies, but i'll still post a tutorial post on this also.

The party turned out to be a fun for the little zombies, they enjoyed  picking the body parts off their zombie cake and beating a big zombie head with a stick. (there were more games too, but why post on the boring stuff, hehe.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Reno starts TODAY! + Updates!

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited to say that full on work on our fixer upper is happening as I type this very blog post. The hubs uncle (aka Uncle-in-law) came up here to KY from Florida to help us fix up our dump... uhm I mean home! LOL. He arrived yesterday & wanted to get straight to work. However because he will be doing a lot of the work like fixing the frame in the floors and stuff I will not be getting a lot of tutorials or in depth details noted for you guys such as fixing the bad floors & stuff. But believe that I will definitely be bugging him regularly to at least try and get updates as the house progresses. However when it comes to painting & flooring & tiling & decorating, I'm your girl. I'm gonna be on that like white on rice or like dirt on my home (which hopefully wont be there for long.)...if they let me of course, Hubs doesn't seem to think he can trust me with power tools or really important responsibility, MWUHAHA! While its true I might lose a limb or even my mind I think I know more about reno's & fixer uppers than he does. But Uncle-in-law is definitely more experienced & knows more then me, so let's leave all the hard work to him, Mwuhaha!

Over the past few weeks Hubs, Father-in-law & aunts-boyfriend-in-law (Hubs Aunt's boyfriend) have been working on it a little bit but as they all work full time jobs (Hubs works 2 jobs,) they didn't have time to get much done (hence why Uncle-in-law is here to help pick up the slack.) Uncle-in-law has ran his own business & is a pro home-builder. He knows what he's doing (thank goodness.) But I will show you some pics that I have taken of some of the progress Hubs, Father-in-law, & aunts boyfriend-in-law have done...

Let's Review:
like my front door??? Father-in-law TOOK IT completely. Still not sure the purpose of this cause he hasn't done anything in that area but whatever!

Like my kitchen?? Father-in-law TORE IT OUT!! Tore up the floors, tore up the boards that are part of the frame in the floor, tore out my walls, and worst of all..tore out my bar! :( *sobs* 
I loved my bar, I hope he knows he will be building/and or buying me a new one! LOL. 
look at my poor tore up kitchen, got to get worse before it can get better though right.
*Which i've been updated that they have fixed the frame on the right side in the time it's took me to get going & write this post & are already putting plywood down :) yay*

My living room is coming along though. This was done before the father-in-law come in & just started tearing stuff out. Aunts-boyfriend-in-law & the hubs done this! It still hasn't been mudded or anything yet, they want to finish hanging all the drywall first before they start the mudding & sanding. This is the view from the kitchen. It's amazing how one side of the room can be looking so good while the other side (the kitchen) looks so tore up from the floor up. But it will all be looking good before long. :)

Here is a pic of all the scrap stuff the have ripped out of the home already, and don't let this little picture fool you, this pile is taller than me!

its so sad to see my bar torn to pieces but I know it will look better in the end.
there is one of the cabinet doors in the pile of garbage. ahhhh!

So this is the progress that has been made over the past few weeks while waiting for uncle-in-law to come & save the day. I'm so pleased to say I think they have already made some killer progress! I'll do my best to keep sneaking in & taking pictures for updates, sorry I can't go in depth with things like I had originally planned, I think it might distract them from doing quality work if I'm in there snapping pictures & asking questions the entire time.

Thank you guys for stopping by,  keep your eye out for more on my home as it slowly, SLOWLY comes together! I'm so darn excited! =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Butterfinger Cookies

A Pinterest find that turned out delicious! The hubs even liked them & he is the most picky person I have ever met in my life haha! These Butterfinger Cookies were thin but so yummy and super easy to make!!

You can find this yummy easy recipe Here at Recipe Girl.

However when baking it I only baked mine for 10 minutes instead of around 12, when I baked them for 12 (my first batch) they were burnt & crispy. LOL. But it made alot of cookies, me & the fam had ate almost a dozen before all the batches were baked and there were still plenty to go around. Yum! & I had everything needed to make it in my kitchen already except the 3 butterfingers, so I didn't have to spend much on the ingredients.
Remember The Recipe is: Here @ Recipe Girl
look at that cookie broken in half, MMM!!

Hope you all enjoy these cookies, I know I did!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Trip 2 Michael's!

So yesterday I went to Tennessee, just to go shopping! They had their annual no tax weekend on clothes & stuff. Me, my sister, & her husband went to the mall & a few other stores outside of the mall & I bought all kinds of stuff. Mostly clothes but that is not what this post is about. I just wanted to celebrate that I went to Michael's Craft store & bought stuff for the first time in my life! I have never bought anything from a craft store, EVER!!! I've never been in a craft store other than this Michael's.

 God what I would do to have a craft store here in my town. We don't have one for hours, I think the one in Tennessee might even be the closest & that's sad! We don't have a mall within hours either but I went in that craft store & the possibilities were endless. I LOVED IT!!! I didn't buy much though because the things I were looking for I couldn't find. But be informed I may have some craft projects in the works soon once I get some free time!!

YAY! Just wanted to brag I finally got to go to a craft store, & now I'm going to have to start making trips a regular thing!! Start making shopping list's ladies for the next one so i don't get distracted by everything & my mind go blank again. LOL!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer's flying by!

I cannot believe Summer has flown by so fast. I procrastinated most of the summer & regret that I didn't get to enjoy it. In a blink of an eye while saying, oh ill do that later this summer, summer has flown by right before my eyes. I haven't been able to do any fun projects because I'm basically living out of boxes in the basement. I spent part of the summer moving. Basically of all the summer the only fun I had was I went fishing twice & I've been swimming twice. Jeez I'm lacking in the fun department, what kind of summer is this? It's already August, I can't believe it.  That means my birthday is coming up in a few weeks but I'm just dreading summer ending, then it will be winter & I will be praying for summer to come back. So Hopefully all of you make the best of your summer & enjoy what few weeks we got left. Gosh its a depressing thought. But summer I will miss you!

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