Friday, August 10, 2012

Reno starts TODAY! + Updates!

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited to say that full on work on our fixer upper is happening as I type this very blog post. The hubs uncle (aka Uncle-in-law) came up here to KY from Florida to help us fix up our dump... uhm I mean home! LOL. He arrived yesterday & wanted to get straight to work. However because he will be doing a lot of the work like fixing the frame in the floors and stuff I will not be getting a lot of tutorials or in depth details noted for you guys such as fixing the bad floors & stuff. But believe that I will definitely be bugging him regularly to at least try and get updates as the house progresses. However when it comes to painting & flooring & tiling & decorating, I'm your girl. I'm gonna be on that like white on rice or like dirt on my home (which hopefully wont be there for long.)...if they let me of course, Hubs doesn't seem to think he can trust me with power tools or really important responsibility, MWUHAHA! While its true I might lose a limb or even my mind I think I know more about reno's & fixer uppers than he does. But Uncle-in-law is definitely more experienced & knows more then me, so let's leave all the hard work to him, Mwuhaha!

Over the past few weeks Hubs, Father-in-law & aunts-boyfriend-in-law (Hubs Aunt's boyfriend) have been working on it a little bit but as they all work full time jobs (Hubs works 2 jobs,) they didn't have time to get much done (hence why Uncle-in-law is here to help pick up the slack.) Uncle-in-law has ran his own business & is a pro home-builder. He knows what he's doing (thank goodness.) But I will show you some pics that I have taken of some of the progress Hubs, Father-in-law, & aunts boyfriend-in-law have done...

Let's Review:
like my front door??? Father-in-law TOOK IT completely. Still not sure the purpose of this cause he hasn't done anything in that area but whatever!

Like my kitchen?? Father-in-law TORE IT OUT!! Tore up the floors, tore up the boards that are part of the frame in the floor, tore out my walls, and worst of all..tore out my bar! :( *sobs* 
I loved my bar, I hope he knows he will be building/and or buying me a new one! LOL. 
look at my poor tore up kitchen, got to get worse before it can get better though right.
*Which i've been updated that they have fixed the frame on the right side in the time it's took me to get going & write this post & are already putting plywood down :) yay*

My living room is coming along though. This was done before the father-in-law come in & just started tearing stuff out. Aunts-boyfriend-in-law & the hubs done this! It still hasn't been mudded or anything yet, they want to finish hanging all the drywall first before they start the mudding & sanding. This is the view from the kitchen. It's amazing how one side of the room can be looking so good while the other side (the kitchen) looks so tore up from the floor up. But it will all be looking good before long. :)

Here is a pic of all the scrap stuff the have ripped out of the home already, and don't let this little picture fool you, this pile is taller than me!

its so sad to see my bar torn to pieces but I know it will look better in the end.
there is one of the cabinet doors in the pile of garbage. ahhhh!

So this is the progress that has been made over the past few weeks while waiting for uncle-in-law to come & save the day. I'm so pleased to say I think they have already made some killer progress! I'll do my best to keep sneaking in & taking pictures for updates, sorry I can't go in depth with things like I had originally planned, I think it might distract them from doing quality work if I'm in there snapping pictures & asking questions the entire time.

Thank you guys for stopping by,  keep your eye out for more on my home as it slowly, SLOWLY comes together! I'm so darn excited! =)


  1. Can't wait to see where it will go from here! And those cookies...oh my YUM! Found you thru the once a month blog hop! New follower...yay!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

    1. omg yay!! always love a new follower to my blog family!! Yeah this place will hopefully start looking up slowly, lol its taking time but we are doing it as we have time (& money ughh). lol and those cookies were soo yummy you should try n make some yourself!

      Your blog is sooo cute btw. New follower=me! We sourthern gals gotta stick together LOL.


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