Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Zombie Party Decor

Over the past weekend I helped my Aunt-in-law with a birthday party she was throwing for her step-kids. Two of them were both celebrating their birthdays with one party and all three of the kids have 1 thing in common, they love zombies. Yep you heard me right, ZOMBIES! They are nuts for everything zombie. The 3rd kid had a zombie party last year for her birthday party. So for the sake of this were going to call them Zombie 1, 2, & 3. Going from oldest to youngest. So it was a birthday party for Zombie 1 & 3's Birthdays. I made a few things such as the cakes, the pinata, & some posters for decoration. There were all kinds of details but these 3 were the main ones I did so I'm not going to go into all the details. 

This is not the tutorial post for these projects however I will make tutorial posts for the projects this is just a post to prepare you for what tutorials you can be looking for soon, they were all 3 the easiest things EVER to make!! Although you may not be throwing any zombie birthday party's any time soon these ideas would also be cute for a Halloween party (which by the way is right around the corner).

The Bloody-Gorey-Zombie Cakes!

Zombie # 3's Cake Cake of brains & body parts!

                                                  Zombie # 1's Cake of body parts!
(no the body parts where not edible but the cakes were delicious)
Find the post on this cake HERE!

Zombie Pinata 
looks more like a Frankenstein Pinata but hey, cut me some slack this was my first pinata ever!!!
This pinata was very sturdy and survived all the kids getting to hit it at least 3 or 4 times, then once it fell they each got to hit it 2 or 3 more! Needless to say I think the pinata was a success (I was slightly worried it wouldn't hold up as strong as I had hoped and only 1 or 2 kids would get to hit it, thank goodness they all got to enjoy the fun.) I think this would even be fun for an adult party, who doesn't love pinatas?? I was almost dying to take a whack at it.

Will post Tutorial on this Zombie Pinata Soon!

Zombie Posters
& possible game!
read below for more details about the potential game!

I drew & colored these pictures of zombies originally for the purpose of being a game, we were going to use darts and let the kids try to kill the zombies but lack of finding darts anywhere in our town & also the danger of giving kids darts steered us from that idea. (but it would be great for an adult game.)
Then we decided we would fill water-balloons with paint in different colors and let the kids just throw the paint bombs at the zombies to try and kill them, let's just say the cheap finger paint I got was not so easy to water down & get in the balloons so if you can do it awesome, the kids will love it.

So because both of our game ideas failed we just hung the posters as decoration for the zombie party & afterwards the kids got to keep them to hang up in their zombie room. (Yep you heard me right again, zombie room!! White room covered with red bloody hand prints. Trust me it looks creepier then it sounds.)

Tutorial = Drawing zombies, but i'll still post a tutorial post on this also.

The party turned out to be a fun for the little zombies, they enjoyed  picking the body parts off their zombie cake and beating a big zombie head with a stick. (there were more games too, but why post on the boring stuff, hehe.)

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  1. Wow! That cake looks gross! Well done Mommy!!! It looks like alot of fun!
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