Friday, April 29, 2011

Shoes & possible diy project!

Sooo, i was looking at shoes online. I need a pair for my wedding, and i was thinking i might be overambitious here but i like these alot & i think i could possibly make some blinged out shoes. I think it could come out cheaper then buying shoes i like for 30 dollars that are kinda boring from the store...or i could buy a 10 dollar pair of plain heels and spend bout 5 or 10 dollars on the crystals from walmart & glue... its nothing for sure im just considering it. It would be alot of work but would it be worth it? id be savin money and getting blinged out shoes..hmm...idk.

But on a lighter note, i have a pic of my bridesmaids shoes, of course compared to those pairs they look like the ugly stepsister, but i mean they are nice if u could actually see them lol. were in the country so the heels couldnt be high im not sure my girls can even walk in heels. i know i cant lol looks like ima have to learn.

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