Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bridesmaids Survival Kit!

 So today i made Bridesmaids Survival Kits that i will probably give to my bridesmaids the night of rehearsal. In it There is bobby pins, tissue, safety pins, a pack of gum, a nail file, a blue & orange bandaid, & a floss stick.

1. Get a bag. I used the baggy that the iron on letters came in that i used on my 'bride' shirt for the baggy for my survival kit. I conveniently had 4 packs of iron on letters because everyone has requested shirts personalized for them, which is just enough to make a kit for all my bridesmaids out of the old packages, talk about recycling.
2. Print off the labels. (I downloaded the labels from )I had a problem getting the label the right size until i realized on the print page i could set it to print 4x6 which is what i needed for each label to fit the package perfectly.
3. Cut out your labels. preferably as straight as possible.
4. Make a support for your labels. Just regular printer paper might not do because there so flimsy! So i printed mine on regular printer paper, took an old coke box & cut out 4 squares the exact size as the labels & folded them in half like the labels would be. I then used a glue stick to glue all the labels to the coke box squares & cut off an excess coke box that might be showing.
5. Fill the bags! You can put whatever you want in these bags but i went with the basics: Nail file, Bobby pins, Safety Pins, Band-aids (in my wedding colors), A pack of Gum, A Floss Stick & some Tissue.
6. Finishing Touches! Next you just take a stapler & Staple the labels onto the bags & your done! They look professional right? lol ENJOY!

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