Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bridesmaids Dresses!

My bridesmaids dresses are all now ordered!! I have 4 Bridesmaids all together, 3 are wearing a blue dress i purchased from originally 26 dollars i used a 35% off coupon i found on google & saved some cash on em. I got them in the mail & they all fit the girls perfectly just a little low cut. We are going to make orange sashes for around the waist & cami panels to cover up some of the chest area so its not so low cut. The maid of honor however wanted to be different, wearing an orange dress ordered off ebay from a seller named open_shop88 . they custom make their dresses im pretty sure and she offered to pay for hers and she got to get a different dress. Her dress was about 50 dollars. I can show u pics of the dresses but keep in mind the maid of honor dress will be in orange.                     (open_shop88)

i know they kind of look way different here but i think they'll go good together once we get em n the right colors and stuff.

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