Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY Personalized Water Bottle Labels!

I thought these were the cutest things but had no clue where to start. So i made a template from scratch on paint and OMG it was sooo hard getting it the right size. i think i printed out atleast like 20 templates b4 i got it the right size to fit my bottles. I tried to use the dimensions i had seen online that said every 72 pixels is an inch & since i was using paint it goes by pixels. so i tried measuring the bottle and figuring out how many inches up and across i needed and multiplying it by 72 to figure out the pixel size i needed. FAIL! it didnt work. so i just kept adjusting the size until it fit. I know lots of water bottles are different but i used the 'Nestle Pure Life" from walmart, you can get like a big case of them for 2 or 3 dollars. I made my label on paint & i was able to print off 5 per page. Ill post my template & you can open it on paint & customize it yourself so you wont have the same fight with sizes that i did.

Do It Yourself Personalized Water Bottle Labels Instructions!
1. Save the label template i have shown. (actual size shown)
2. Personalize it to make it your own on paint or whatever photo editing program you may be using.
3. Print!
4. Cut out each individual label. (take your time & try and do it as straight & neat as possible)

     5. Take the old label off your water bottle.

6. Put your new label around it. (my bottles still had some sticky stuff on it from the original label which will hold your new label pretty good, but just in case i used a regular craft glue stick to make sure it was on there good - or you could always use scotch tape.)

7. Ta-Da! Your Done!

I would reccomend some kind of waterproof paper rather than printer paper. I used regular printer paper and a cheap alternative is to take clear packaging tape & waterproof it yourself, its a pain but definitely worth it. Good Luck & Enjoy!

                                                                 Another Do It Yourself Project Accomplished By
                                                                                            The Hillbilly Princess <3


  1. could you please send me this template? this is absolutely adorable!

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