Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Announcements! AH!

To start off I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. It was a hectic season but i can't believe its already gone. Anywayssss I have a few things I'd like to talk about today (I'll try not to make this long)

(i put the main point of the announcements in bold in case you really don't care about all the details LOL)

First off, let's talk about how I have the most wonderful husband everrrrr!!! And I mean this, for Christmas he got me a totally outrageous gift that I am completely thankful for. He bought me a brand new embroidery machine!! yess I have been wanting one forever and my old sewing machine has been broken for over a year and I have been dying to start sewing and stuff and he bought me a sewing/embroidery machine...I'm so excited to learn how to use it and start making stuff!! YAY! He's the best!

Next let's talk about my sister being pregnant. It's not news, she's like 7 months pregnant. But she is due in February and I am in charge of the baby shower and I am excited to make the baby things with my embroidery machine (once I learn to use it and all). It's a girl by the way, and they are naming her Ashley!! *squeals* Yes they are naming her after me, she is my sisters first daughter, she already had 2 sons and I'm so excited to welcome a baby girl.

Now let's talk about my series Project Making Home!! Yea's really hard to say this but it will from now on be cancelled. I had like 10 posts saved to my computer for the series that I never got around to posting, we had made such progress. But as it turns out The hubs and I have made the decision to instead of finish fixing it up to sell it. So yes we are selling our home. We already have people very interested and it will probably be sold soon so sorry that there will be no more of those posts (not like I ever got around to posting most of them anyways lol) But it is for the best because the hubs has other ideas in mine (he always does)

And to continue off of that last announcement me and the hubs are buying another home LOL. It is in better shape and we could move in it sooner, is WAYYY smaller than our other place we are selling. LIKE WAY! I'm not completely happy with the size of it but it's just our starter home and the hubs has big plans for it (oh boy!) It is only a 1 bedroom (*tear) which I guess is all me and the hubs really needs but I was really counting on having that craft room :( But I will get over it because this is a house we can move into and fix quicker. It does need a little work but what place doesnt?? It needs a lot less work then the other and we had complications with the neighbors and location of our last house which is why we are selling it. Ahh stuff happens right?? Just gotta keep on rolling with it.

But yeah so sorry for lack of posts lately, I know I know I've always got an excuse but since the move last month and another possible move this week (yeah its crazy) and the holidays, I've been a little busy but again like I said, hopefully I can figure out a schedule soon. Love you all!

Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts

Okay so I meant to make individual posts for all my gifts I made but honestly let's face the facts, I am running way behind. Christmas eve is 1 week from today and I do not have to time to edit the pictures and post all of them because I still have tons to do before Christmas and I have been so busy lately the last month or so. So I will just show you pictures of what few things I did make. There will not be tutorials for these, sorry guys!

(p.s. I made alot of sharpie mugs as gifts, I just think its the cutest simplest most personalized gift you can make on a budget)

First is this Breast Cancer Ribbon mug I made for my aunt Gracie! She is a breast cancer survivor! See how I wrote on my mugs with sharpies HERE

And for another sharpie mug project I made this pig nose mug for my sister, she is obsessed with pigs. (please excuse the way I looked in these pics lol no makeup)
 I wrote Miss Piggy across the front of the mug

I also made a mug for my uncle. It just says ROBERT

For my brother I made a stash jar or should I say, a 'stashe' jar lol. I filled with all kinds of random candy. I made it out of an old pickle jar that I painted with a Black Painter Pen and I painted the lid with some gold spray paint. 

I have 2 step sisters, both of their favorite colors are pink and last time I seen then they were both playing with those Bratz Catz dolls where you dress up your dolls as Cats. I somehow managed to come up with the idea to crochet them both hats with cat ears. It was my first time trying anything like that so the ears aren't perfect but they r kids they wont care.
(again excuse the way I look)

I still have 2 more gifts to make and tons to wrap and still more to buy. Thank you guys for stickin with me and I hope you all come back soon, hopefully I'll eventually get to get things straightened out and get on a schedule. Love you all and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Misfits Love Poster DIY

(p.s. I forgot to take a picture after I framed it but I have already wrapped it, but I did put this in a picture frame after it was completely dry!)

For Christmas (which is only 13 days away) I made a poster for my sister and her boyfriend. He loves the Msifits (which is an old band if you didn't already know) and they have a signature skull which he loves. She has also grown to love it so I decided I would make them a poster to hang in their room. Let's go!!

I used:
Plain White Poster Board
2 Different size paint brushes (a big one to cover more area and a small one for the small areas and details)
2 Different colored acrylic paints (Black & Red)
& A picture of the Misfits Skull

1, First thing I did was cut my poster board to the size I wanted. I am using a 16x24 frame to frame it after I paint it so I use a ruler to mark it and cut it at 16x24.

2. Next I drew the misfits skull (or you could print it to make life easier) and then cut it out with my Exacto knife (which is the hard part because its kind of a complicated skull)

3. Then I just positioned it where I wanted it on the poster board (taped it so it would stay) and traced it with a pencil. I actually done this twice side by side because I wanted 2 skulls side by side on this picture.

I know its hard to see my pencil but I done it lightly to make sure it would look right so if i had to erase I could easily do that. But if you screw up a little and cant get it all erased the paint will more then likely cover it up anyways. I drew a big hear around the two skulls.

4. I drew out the words "Misfit Love" towards the bottom of the heart, I tried my best to write it in the Misfits signature font, doesn't have to be perfect! and then stenciled it on the same way I done the skulls, draw (or print) it out, cut out with exacto knife, tape to poster board and trace with a pencil.

I also free-handed a bow on one of the skulls head (to make it a girl skull haha)

5. Next I started painting the black. I outlined everything and filled in the heart (leaving the skulls white)

6. Finally I painted the background and the bow on the girl skull with red acrylic paint. Let Dry & Frame!!

I know this may not be everybody's style but I figured I would just show you guys so you knew how I did it so if there's some kind of picture you would like to paint for someone it gives you an idea how to do it without being an artist! Thank goodness for the internet right??? Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season so far!!! Thanks ya'll!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Photos!

I am SOOO excited for Christmas, as you probably already know I've been talking about it for months!! & Me and the hubs are going to send out Christmas cards this year, nothing fancy though. We didn't go all out and have like a Christmas photo shoot because the hubs doesn't really like pictures so I'm lucky I get what I do get out of him. So remember these pics are nothing fancy or special, just our beautiful faces lol.
doesn't he look THRILLED lol

Merry Christmas to you all!

Oh and by the way this is my 100th blog post!! Crazy right?? I feel like within a years time I probably should have more then just 100 posts but it is what it is and I have a life too. But I love you all and thank you all who have been following me and reading my blog. I love you all and hope you all have a Happy Holiday season! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Personalized Mug Gift!


{I know I have not been around a lot, trust me we have had ALOT going on! I have been going to my grandmother's every weekend to help her prepare for the holiday season but this coming weekend will be my very favorite, our famous candy making party where me, my sister, and my grandmother get together and make all kinds of Christmas candy. My grandmother likes to give out cans of candy to friends and family for the holidays! Buckeyes, Peanut butter roll, Pumpkin roll, Truffles, Coconut Balls, Gingerbread, and much more! It's AWESOME! So again I repeat, I may not be able to post much.}

Anyways..on to this superrr easy gift idea!

This gift idea would make a great Christmas gift, I am actually making many mugs for all kinds of different people for Christmas! It's cheap, it's easy, and its personalized!! I LOVE IT! The mug in this post was made for my grandfather.


Zip loc bag

Lets Get Started...
1. First make sure you have a clean mug, It helps to wash it lol.

2. Practice what you are going to write. If you are using a stencil you can skip this step but for this mug I couldn't find the font I wanted and I figured it would be much easier to just write it on the mug freehand. It helps to have a wet wipe or wet napkin near by and if you mess up you can wipe it off real fast before it dries. I just wrote the name a few times to get it exactly how I wanted it on paper to practice.

3. Next I just wrote it on the mug, again I repeat, it helps to have a wet napkin or wipe nearby to wipe fast if you mess up, it should wipe off easily as long as you wipe it fast enough.

4. Bake it in the oven at 350 Degrees for 30 Minutes! Put the mug in the oven before you even turn it on so the mug can warm up slowly as the oven does, then when It's done do not immediately take it out, just turn the oven off and let the mug cool down as the oven does. Just to be safe I left my mug in the oven almost an hour after it baked (mainly because I forgot it was in there lol) ...I was worried at first because the hubs family said it would surely bust the cup because our oven gets so hot so I hesitated but trust me, it should be fine. If you under bake it the words can rub off so be sure to bake it right! 30 MINUTES AT 350!


5. Next gather some candy! Since this mug was for my grandfather I got some of his favorite sugar free candy!

6. Mix the candy and fill up the mug as full as you can get it.

7. Next take a cellophane bag and put the mug down in it. I taped the top of mine and added a ribbon so you cant see where i closed and taped it. If it is long enough though you can tie it with the ribbon or a zip tie but mine was not long enough to reach far past the mug so i just taped it closed and added a bow!

That is it! You are done and now you have a cute cheap personalized gift that was not hard to make at all. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this and sorry I have been gone and I might not be posting as much as usual for a while but I will try my best!! :) Thank you all!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas!

The season is among us!! Time to prepare!!
Thanksgiving is next week & Christmas is only 43 days away, That's less than a month & a half!
So I'm going to make this short and sweet, I am not going to be able to post as much this holiday season as I had hoped because I have so much to do, and I have been spending weekends at my grandmothers helping her prepare for the holiday season (which there is no internet there)...and I am going to be making a lot of my gifts (crocheting and such) which will really be taking up alot of my time. I am going to try and post but no promises. 

Anyways now that your informed, I decided to show you guys some ideas I had in my head for some gift ideas to make [and some just things to make for me :) ] for the holiday season!! Let's get started

(Let's me start of by saying I have been crocheting like crazy lately so sorry for all the crochet projects for those of you who don't crochet!)

First gift idea is a crochet project, these Kitty Scarves from A Crochet Ninja!! I am going to making 2 of these, (both pink instead of black) for my 2 step sisters (ages 7 & 11) who I know will love them! I am actually in the process of making these now.

This Apron cracks me up and it will be the perfect gift for my sisters husband. Everyone teases him for a party a few months ago where he was bbq-ing on the grill and caught it on fire and burnt all the food. No one will let him live it down so I thought this would be hilarious because we tend to pick on each other.

If you can crochet good this next one would make a great present. These Crochet Owl Hats would be perfect for any little girl. I however am not brave enough to attempt it just yet, but for those of you experienced crocheters here ya go!! I think its adorable and would just make a cute gift!

Now if your in need of a cute gift for your grandmother This Sign would be so adorable, I might just make one for my grandma!

This next one would be a cute gift for a grandmother, mother, or just anyone who loves to cook. Its a Homemade Personalized Cookbook that you can fill with whatever recipes and pictures you want. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make this for my grandmother. I would love to get a hold of all her favorite recipes, and take a bunch of cute pictures of my nephew (who is the love of her life) dressed up as a chef and cooking and stuff to fill the book with. Hopefully I get around to it.

Another great gift for neighbors or family members who have big families are containers of cookie dough. Here is a recipe for some delicious Homemade Cookie Dough and the website even has the free printable! How cute, I love cookies for the holidays!

Got a baby to make for? Check out these adorable Crochet Baby Booties. Cute for winter!

Got somebody who you just don't know what to by for them? When in doubt Mug it out! I am definitely going to be making a load of Personalized Mugs for the hard to buy for people. Everyone can use a mug, it's not just for coffee drinkers!! I've already made 3 or 4.

If your anything like me then you will most definitely be wanting to make something for your furry friend. Might I suggest an adorable Dog Bed. Or you could make this for your cat too whichever you prefer.

Speaking of furry friends, wouldnt these Small Crochet Stockings be adorable for your animals? I will most likely be making some of these!!

And lastly speaking of crochet LOL, Check out This Elf Hat this isnt exactly a gift idea but I would love to make one for myself and probably will!

I just loved all of these & I will probably be making almost all of them plus more (which is why I might not have much time to post) & Now I break into song, "It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr"


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