Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Announcements! AH!

To start off I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. It was a hectic season but i can't believe its already gone. Anywayssss I have a few things I'd like to talk about today (I'll try not to make this long)

(i put the main point of the announcements in bold in case you really don't care about all the details LOL)

First off, let's talk about how I have the most wonderful husband everrrrr!!! And I mean this, for Christmas he got me a totally outrageous gift that I am completely thankful for. He bought me a brand new embroidery machine!! yess I have been wanting one forever and my old sewing machine has been broken for over a year and I have been dying to start sewing and stuff and he bought me a sewing/embroidery machine...I'm so excited to learn how to use it and start making stuff!! YAY! He's the best!

Next let's talk about my sister being pregnant. It's not news, she's like 7 months pregnant. But she is due in February and I am in charge of the baby shower and I am excited to make the baby things with my embroidery machine (once I learn to use it and all). It's a girl by the way, and they are naming her Ashley!! *squeals* Yes they are naming her after me, she is my sisters first daughter, she already had 2 sons and I'm so excited to welcome a baby girl.

Now let's talk about my series Project Making Home!! Yea's really hard to say this but it will from now on be cancelled. I had like 10 posts saved to my computer for the series that I never got around to posting, we had made such progress. But as it turns out The hubs and I have made the decision to instead of finish fixing it up to sell it. So yes we are selling our home. We already have people very interested and it will probably be sold soon so sorry that there will be no more of those posts (not like I ever got around to posting most of them anyways lol) But it is for the best because the hubs has other ideas in mine (he always does)

And to continue off of that last announcement me and the hubs are buying another home LOL. It is in better shape and we could move in it sooner, is WAYYY smaller than our other place we are selling. LIKE WAY! I'm not completely happy with the size of it but it's just our starter home and the hubs has big plans for it (oh boy!) It is only a 1 bedroom (*tear) which I guess is all me and the hubs really needs but I was really counting on having that craft room :( But I will get over it because this is a house we can move into and fix quicker. It does need a little work but what place doesnt?? It needs a lot less work then the other and we had complications with the neighbors and location of our last house which is why we are selling it. Ahh stuff happens right?? Just gotta keep on rolling with it.

But yeah so sorry for lack of posts lately, I know I know I've always got an excuse but since the move last month and another possible move this week (yeah its crazy) and the holidays, I've been a little busy but again like I said, hopefully I can figure out a schedule soon. Love you all!

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