Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Misfits Love Poster DIY

(p.s. I forgot to take a picture after I framed it but I have already wrapped it, but I did put this in a picture frame after it was completely dry!)

For Christmas (which is only 13 days away) I made a poster for my sister and her boyfriend. He loves the Msifits (which is an old band if you didn't already know) and they have a signature skull which he loves. She has also grown to love it so I decided I would make them a poster to hang in their room. Let's go!!

I used:
Plain White Poster Board
2 Different size paint brushes (a big one to cover more area and a small one for the small areas and details)
2 Different colored acrylic paints (Black & Red)
& A picture of the Misfits Skull

1, First thing I did was cut my poster board to the size I wanted. I am using a 16x24 frame to frame it after I paint it so I use a ruler to mark it and cut it at 16x24.

2. Next I drew the misfits skull (or you could print it to make life easier) and then cut it out with my Exacto knife (which is the hard part because its kind of a complicated skull)

3. Then I just positioned it where I wanted it on the poster board (taped it so it would stay) and traced it with a pencil. I actually done this twice side by side because I wanted 2 skulls side by side on this picture.

I know its hard to see my pencil but I done it lightly to make sure it would look right so if i had to erase I could easily do that. But if you screw up a little and cant get it all erased the paint will more then likely cover it up anyways. I drew a big hear around the two skulls.

4. I drew out the words "Misfit Love" towards the bottom of the heart, I tried my best to write it in the Misfits signature font, doesn't have to be perfect! and then stenciled it on the same way I done the skulls, draw (or print) it out, cut out with exacto knife, tape to poster board and trace with a pencil.

I also free-handed a bow on one of the skulls head (to make it a girl skull haha)

5. Next I started painting the black. I outlined everything and filled in the heart (leaving the skulls white)

6. Finally I painted the background and the bow on the girl skull with red acrylic paint. Let Dry & Frame!!

I know this may not be everybody's style but I figured I would just show you guys so you knew how I did it so if there's some kind of picture you would like to paint for someone it gives you an idea how to do it without being an artist! Thank goodness for the internet right??? Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season so far!!! Thanks ya'll!

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  1. What a beautiful and introspective blog! I think I visited this blog sometime back. It's not often I meet a fellow Kentucky blogger :)


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