Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Hand Print Pillow! (Kids Craft)

{We haven't moved yet which is why I have internet, the move will happen this weekend though}

This is kind of an old post. I took these pictures forever ago and meant to post it but lost the pictures in a folder in my computer, recently found them, and assumed better late posting then never. The beautiful little boy smiling with his eyes closed in this picture is my nephew, I love him!

He is 4 & he loved this activity. He had a blast.
It's so simple & so fun!!
This is a great activity to do with your kids or nephews, they will love it and it is a memory & a pillowcase you can cherish forever!!

Paint (in different colors)
Plain White Pillowcases
Child :)

First I put paint in three different colors on some foam plates & laid out 2 plain white pillow cases on the table at the nephews reach.

Then you just let them have fun with it. Miguel LOVED it.

Don't forget to sign it with their name (if they cant sign their own name) & date it so you can look back at these cute pillowcases & remember the sweet age they were at when they made these!

Yeah these were made in June, that's how behind I am on posting this one! But again I repeat, better late then never!

He was so proud!!

This would be cute to put on pillows and set out in the kids room or on their bed.

I had someone trying to get in the shot while taking pictures, isn't she adorable?!

Anyways, hope you all liked this activity, I know Miguel did and I think they turned out soo cute!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting off 2013 with a move...or two!

Okay so I know what your thinking, are you guys absolutely crazy?!?!
Well to answer your question...YES, YES WE ARE!!!

So as you guys know we just moved in November right before thanksgiving, well guess what today is...moving day (startin the year off right with some craziness as usual)
We are moving to a new apartment....temporarily. lol.

As I previously told you guys in my last post i think it was, me and the hubs are selling our house that we were still in the process of fixing up and buying a different one (that still needs fixed up.) Well we haven't sold the last one yet but we've already bought the new one. It's not paid off like the last one. The last house we had completely paid off and owed no money on, this one will not exactly be the case, we will have to make a few monthly payments but ohh well.

So we are moving to the apartment until we can fix up the other place we just bought Yesterday! Yep we made our down payment yesterday...and so we are starting to move into the new apartment today ahhh! Craziness, I know!!

I do not know how long it will take me to get internet at the new place though because if we wont be there long we might not even worry about going through the trouble and just wait til we get into the other if i go MIA I am so sorry, life has been crazy these last few months and only getting crazier!

Thank you all for stickin by me and wish me luck with all this craziness lol.

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