Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Im backkkkk!

Hey Hey Hey!!
okay so i know its been a longgg time! like months.
But after my wedding I wasn't sure what i could possibly write about.
but i'm back & although i may be boring as it gets, ill figure something out.
Married life so far is about the same as before, nothings changed since before we got married.  Although i'm sure it will soon.

i guess i could write about my miserable job. which isn't always miserable to be honest. but i got my days, like every other job in the world.
i could write about how i am on a journey to saving up for a car. LOL i do not drive, never have. got my permit after i turned 18 but never really used it. its been years and 'im still stuck with no license. lol so that's a goal i plan to reach....eventually.

but now im off to get ready for work! Buh Bye!!

love, the long lost hillbilly princess!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1 MONTH!!!!

Exactly one month til my wedding-ahhhhh!!!
And to keep the nerves calm im goin with my fiances cousin 'sis' to the beach. woooo!
gonna try n get some sun & some swimming.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In progress....

Sooo, I just completed stamping all my of cups. Thats like 100 cups. But it only took about 30 min to an hr...I flew thru it. I also made all the table cloths i needed. I basically just cut regular colored table cloth's into small strips that i will throw over solid white table cloths. I finished some shopping for little things i needed for the wedding, i have all the napkins, table cloths, i bought some flowers for my head table. My sister is making all my bouquets and bout's and i was informed she started on them last night, yay! i cant wait until she finishes them.
This week I have plans to finish a few projects. Now that my cups are now off the list...I still gotta go tomorrow to pick out the groomsmens shirts & ties, Im going to be trying to break in my shoes this week, work on my sign for my podium (might have a tutorial up once i finish), buy a few odds and in things for my wedding, & (maybe) start putting water bottle labels on all my water bottles. Tonight the fiance has gone fishin with his cousin/best man & my little brother (one of the groomsmen) so i think i will start working a little bit on my sign that i will hang on my podium for decoration. Once i finish ill post a tutorial. Oh & for a treat heres a pic of a mockup idea thing for the guests reception table.
only there will be silver wear, white doves, & candy in the bowls. Also it will be on big long tables and there will be more place settings per table, this is just my smaller version on my coffee table. lol

                                                                                     The Hillbilly Princess!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Times a tickin...

Hey, so i know its been a while but i haven't gotten too much done, well okay lies, i have!
I finally finished ALL my centerpieces, a time consuming job, wooo!!!
i been tryin to break in my shoes but every time i put them on after 5 minutes my feet hurt so bad, so i bought some cushion things for them, we'll see if they help, i'm wearing them now! lol.
my wonderful husband to be left walligo to go order a tux, finally. lets hope he gets the job done!!
i've made a few decision changes on the decor of the reception room...again!
we've picked where we will be spending our honeymoon & hopefully will be booking it this week if nobody else gets it & we've found some fun things to do while were on our honeymoon in Tennessee!
This Monday i am going with my fiance's cousin to a local store to go pick out outfits for the groomsmen! Yay!
Things are falling together. We only have like 4 more weekends (after this one) left until the wedding. Thats crazyyy!!! Times flyin by & its gonna be here in no time, i think i can pull it together though. Ive been compiling lists & following all my lists & lets just say if it wasn't for my lists id be lost lol. So thats my update for today, i hope i didnt forget anything! Until next time, stay beautiful!
                                                          The Hillbilly Princess!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

diy personalized napkins & cups!!

Wooo i finally got around to doing my napkins!!
while doing my napkins i had 1 pack of cups laying here so i decided to try and test out my stamp on it and i loved it. once it dried and i made sure the ink would not rub off i had decided, i found another project!!!
We'll start with my napkins, i done about 100 since there will only be about 50 people at the wedding (small wedding i know) I did a mix of blue & orange with black ink!

Heres a pic of my cups once i stamped them, i love em!

welp hope you enjoy my projects so far!! Till next time...your reading the diaries of a hillybilly princess!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garters & Hangers-CHECK!

My mom made my garters!!

& i finally got around to finishing the hangers for my bridesmaids!

Diy Pomander Centerpieces tutorial.

Okay so i forgot to take a pic of the vases before i started but i got them from the dollar tree $1 a piece.
1. Glue Ribbon to my vases! I took blue ribbon & wrapped it around the bottom and super glued it, then i done it again right above it to make it wider but u cant even hardly tell.
2. Make Bead Strings. I seperated my beads i bought about $2.50 a pack (2 packs) from walmart. i decided how long i wanted my beads to hang in the vase, cut the string and tied knots on each end & super glued the knots so they wouldnt come undone.
3. Glue beads to Ball. I hot glued the bead string into a 3" styrofoam ball (6 pack/$3.67 @walmart). I had one bead off to itself that i could glue into the ball to get it to stay.
4. Decide tissue paper sizes. ive heard of all different sizes to cut tissue paper for pomanders so instead of fighting with it and measuring i just folded it up to a size as close to 5x7 as i could, (thats not how big they turned out) but it was close. so i wouldnt have to worry about screwing up the sizes and they would be all different.
5. Cut them out. i just cut along the creases that i had folded, it takes a few times of unfolding and cutting.
6. Arrange Tissue Paper. i wanted my pomanders to be a mix of blue & orange so i put mine, blue-orange-blue-orange & vice versa.
7. Fold Tissue Papers. Then i folded them like an accordion, u can see better instructions on how to do this in other pomander tutorials.
8. Wrap floral wire around the folded tissue paper accordion. ($1/pack @ dollar tree)
9. Unfold the tissue. i just pulled the tissue up and kinda flared it out, it dont have to be perfect.
10. Glue Paper Flower into Ball. after making enough pomander flowers to finish a full pomander i put super glue on the wire on the bottom of the flowers & stuck them into the styrofoam ball rearanging the tissue paper so no white from the ball shows.
11. Finish Centerpiece! One u cover your ball in your pomander flowers put them on the vases and ta-da! Done!!!

Signs/placecards for Food & Markers!!!

Okay so i seen the idea on the knot where a bride left crayons on her paper table cloths for people to write messages, i loved the idea but instead of keeping a bunch of table cloths im going to have everyone sign the head table (bride & grooms table) im buying regular plastic table cloths from the dollar store and we are going to leave out Sharpies with a sign that lets them know to use them.

Also i hate when i go somewhere i dont know what exactly each dip is or the food is, so i made placecards to put in front of the food so everyone would know what everything is.

....Oh & also i got my full playlist made today, YAY!!! 3 hrs and bout 15 minutes of music for the reception, 45 minutes of music for when people are coming in and taking their seats, and also ive picked a song for the bridal party to come in to at the ceremony, my song, our first dance, a father daughter song, & a mother son song. im sooo proud and dear god i hope i never have to do anything like that again!!! it was an on and off time workin with it but i think i like how it turned out overall that people will enjoy the music.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I got my stamp i will be using for my personalized napkins today. i dont have a pic of it right now but its totally cute. I also received my maid of honor dress in the mail today. Fits her perfecttttt. i love it & its the perfect color. we couldnt have picked a more awesome dress its even better then i imagined. big props to ebay seller open_shop88 i loveeee it :)

Diy Mr & Mrs Chair Signs (how to)

I am going to show ya'll how i made my Mr & Mrs chair signs for the reception. in alot of cases you wont need one cause your back will probably be turned away from everyone, but in my case, my table will be center of the room. so its nice that the people behind me have something cute to look at too.
1. First i started off by Printing a "M". a "R". and a "S". (keep in mind you will only need 1 M & one R for both the Mr & Mrs since this will just be a stencil.
2. Cut out your stencil. 
3. Get your material you will use for the actual sign. (im using a peice of cardboard that was originally a book of velv-it color pages.)
4. Trace your stencil onto your board. I just used a pencil.
5. Cut out the letters from your board. (i used an X-acto knife cause the cardboard was too thick to cut through with scissors without killing my hands lol)
6. Paint your letters. (i painted mine blue & added little orange polka dots around the sides which u cant really see in the pics)
7. Let dry.
8. Figure out how much ribbon you will need to wrap around your chair
9. Figure out where your letters will go on the ribbon. (usually its centered)
10. Crazy glue your letters to your ribbon.
11. LET DRY. if u try to fool with it before it's dry the letters might pop off, i left mine sit for a day or 2 just to be safe.

Monday, May 16, 2011

lots of diy projects, done!

My mother made my 'toss' garter (the keep one is still to come.) spent a total of about $4 on thread, elastic, & ribbon and we already had fabric.
Invitations-Check! made at cvs was about $20 for 40 of them. they are very simple just the way i wanted em. (sorry i couldnt get a good pic i dont have a scanner and the flash kept makin it glare)
Honeymoon door hanger-done! $2 for the actual hanger at dollar tree and for the scrapbook sticker letters
Ceremony Chair Reserved signs-doneee! $0 i already had all the supplies

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diy personalized bridal party wine glasses!

Another easy cheap DIY doneee!!! I thought since the bridal party & their significant others will all be together at special tables reserved just for them i could give them a little something. So i painted the names (or nicknames) of everyone on a glass that i plan to set out on their tables. they can use it the day of the wedding and keep as a little gift as my way of saying thank you! Total cost: (ALL TOGETHER) $2.24.
they are plastic ($1 for 6 glasses @ dollar tree), painted with acrylic paint i already had, decorated with white ribbon i already had (but im probably gonna change the ribbon and put blue & orange ribbon on it)
there's alot but thats because all the bridal party AND their significant others are all getting one so no one feels left out.  Happy Saturday!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Anxious for the mail!

I just love the sight of this when i log into my ebay account.
Woo everything ive ordered is in the mail on its way to me! I find myself superrr excited to check the mail everyday now hoping my packages are here! Ill give you updates once they arrive =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okay so i know i havent really got the chance to get on here and just blog, it's mostly projects. So today iv'e reached a special point in my engagement, the 2 month this wedding mark. gosh its so close. My fiance' however seems to think we have plenty of time lol. But i got alot done last night, so recently this week ive bought a few things to use on a couple of projects, im waiting for it in the mail. But last night i went to walmart and spent $12 on things to make my centerpieces, and then i spend about $70 online buying things i needed. One of them being my cake topper which i will show a pic of.
My cake topper! My man lovesss his fishing, so i thought this would be totally cute on the top of our cake. once i get it i have to take it to my sister (who makes awesome wedding cakes) so she can use it for practice runs and figure out how she's doing my cake.

I also ordered (what i hope is the last) of the flowers i needed. So all together on flowers i've spent about $50. which isnt too bad since that includes 6 bout's, my bouquet, my throw away bouquet, my 4 bridesmaids bouquets & the corsages. I found a good deal online for the flowers i need at where i spent bout 16 dollars on 84 orange roses! and i bought my white and blue flowers from the dollar tree (they didn't have no orange)

I sent out a bridesmaids newsletter which the girls loved. i got the template from Pics below pages 1-5.

I showed a few of my projects to one of my friends yesterday and it got her uber excited. So today i am getting together with her to work on a playlist & were going to my fiance's cousins house to talk to her about the wedding. Wish me luck on my planning mission to plan the awesomest wedding ever in 3 months time! so far so good. Bye lovies!
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