Saturday, June 4, 2011

Times a tickin...

Hey, so i know its been a while but i haven't gotten too much done, well okay lies, i have!
I finally finished ALL my centerpieces, a time consuming job, wooo!!!
i been tryin to break in my shoes but every time i put them on after 5 minutes my feet hurt so bad, so i bought some cushion things for them, we'll see if they help, i'm wearing them now! lol.
my wonderful husband to be left walligo to go order a tux, finally. lets hope he gets the job done!!
i've made a few decision changes on the decor of the reception room...again!
we've picked where we will be spending our honeymoon & hopefully will be booking it this week if nobody else gets it & we've found some fun things to do while were on our honeymoon in Tennessee!
This Monday i am going with my fiance's cousin to a local store to go pick out outfits for the groomsmen! Yay!
Things are falling together. We only have like 4 more weekends (after this one) left until the wedding. Thats crazyyy!!! Times flyin by & its gonna be here in no time, i think i can pull it together though. Ive been compiling lists & following all my lists & lets just say if it wasn't for my lists id be lost lol. So thats my update for today, i hope i didnt forget anything! Until next time, stay beautiful!
                                                          The Hillbilly Princess!

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