Sunday, June 5, 2011

In progress....

Sooo, I just completed stamping all my of cups. Thats like 100 cups. But it only took about 30 min to an hr...I flew thru it. I also made all the table cloths i needed. I basically just cut regular colored table cloth's into small strips that i will throw over solid white table cloths. I finished some shopping for little things i needed for the wedding, i have all the napkins, table cloths, i bought some flowers for my head table. My sister is making all my bouquets and bout's and i was informed she started on them last night, yay! i cant wait until she finishes them.
This week I have plans to finish a few projects. Now that my cups are now off the list...I still gotta go tomorrow to pick out the groomsmens shirts & ties, Im going to be trying to break in my shoes this week, work on my sign for my podium (might have a tutorial up once i finish), buy a few odds and in things for my wedding, & (maybe) start putting water bottle labels on all my water bottles. Tonight the fiance has gone fishin with his cousin/best man & my little brother (one of the groomsmen) so i think i will start working a little bit on my sign that i will hang on my podium for decoration. Once i finish ill post a tutorial. Oh & for a treat heres a pic of a mockup idea thing for the guests reception table.
only there will be silver wear, white doves, & candy in the bowls. Also it will be on big long tables and there will be more place settings per table, this is just my smaller version on my coffee table. lol

                                                                                     The Hillbilly Princess!

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