Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Im backkkkk!

Hey Hey Hey!!
okay so i know its been a longgg time! like months.
But after my wedding I wasn't sure what i could possibly write about.
but i'm back & although i may be boring as it gets, ill figure something out.
Married life so far is about the same as before, nothings changed since before we got married.  Although i'm sure it will soon.

i guess i could write about my miserable job. which isn't always miserable to be honest. but i got my days, like every other job in the world.
i could write about how i am on a journey to saving up for a car. LOL i do not drive, never have. got my permit after i turned 18 but never really used it. its been years and 'im still stuck with no license. lol so that's a goal i plan to reach....eventually.

but now im off to get ready for work! Buh Bye!!

love, the long lost hillbilly princess!

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