Friday, January 6, 2012

Pinterest & Projects!

So my first topic of the day: Pinterest!
OMGGGG!! I was on on the crafty board because we all know I love me some crafts
& i noticed almost everyone talking about their pinterest account or getting an idea from pinterest
This of course sparked my interest in finding out what pinterest is, now im hooked.
Im constantly wanting to bake, or do crafty things, or look at pictures to inspire my dream house so pinterest allows me to get inspired for all these outlets, its AWESOME! so im late jumping on the pinterest bandwagon but i loveee it! just an update on that, im hooked.

2nd topic of discussion today: My recent projects!
I havent been on for a while so i will try and remember what crafts and projects ive done so i can show u guys & bring u up 2 date & hopefully start posting again!
                                                 Ornaments out of lightbulbs!

                                                         A Crochet'd Scarf

                                                        Christmas Nails

A diaper tricycle

A crochet'd hat (2 match my scarf)

                                                              Bubblebee nails

(idk if nails count as a project but i have fun doing them lol)

Hopefully i'll be back on track soon! BYEEEEE!

-The Hillbilly Princess

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