Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diy Mr & Mrs Chair Signs (how to)

I am going to show ya'll how i made my Mr & Mrs chair signs for the reception. in alot of cases you wont need one cause your back will probably be turned away from everyone, but in my case, my table will be center of the room. so its nice that the people behind me have something cute to look at too.
1. First i started off by Printing a "M". a "R". and a "S". (keep in mind you will only need 1 M & one R for both the Mr & Mrs since this will just be a stencil.
2. Cut out your stencil. 
3. Get your material you will use for the actual sign. (im using a peice of cardboard that was originally a book of velv-it color pages.)
4. Trace your stencil onto your board. I just used a pencil.
5. Cut out the letters from your board. (i used an X-acto knife cause the cardboard was too thick to cut through with scissors without killing my hands lol)
6. Paint your letters. (i painted mine blue & added little orange polka dots around the sides which u cant really see in the pics)
7. Let dry.
8. Figure out how much ribbon you will need to wrap around your chair
9. Figure out where your letters will go on the ribbon. (usually its centered)
10. Crazy glue your letters to your ribbon.
11. LET DRY. if u try to fool with it before it's dry the letters might pop off, i left mine sit for a day or 2 just to be safe.

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