Monday, May 2, 2011

Bride & Groom Table Sign DIY (How To)

I Made a sign in our wedding colors for the head 'sweetheart' table! i'll show you pics of how i done it, follow along young grasshoppers!

I made this out of a shoe box that a pair of big boots came in. yep, this is made of cardboard. Sturdy enough to hold up but not to heavy like wood that it wont stay on the table front.
1. First i printed out what i want the sign to say. Font: Monotype Corsiva.
2. Next i cut out the letters using my xacto knife. it works much better than scissors with things like letters, much more precise. (be careful with the actual letters, thats the part you'll need) i used a regular kitchen cutting board under it to make sure i didn't ruin my table lol.
3. Next i took the letters & laid them out on the cardboard and cut the letters out in cardboard.
4. Then i cut out a background for the letters to go on out of the big side of the box of course.

5. I painted it. (blue)
6. Next i painted my cardboard letters orange. it took 2 coats to cover it good.
7. Next i decide my placement on the background for the letters.
8. Crazy glue the letters where you want them.
9. Add any final touches. (i added orange dots going around the rim, a orange bow in the middle, & some left over jewels i had from my shoes in random places.)

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