Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 diy projects done!

DIY 1: First i have a arrow sign that says wedding on it to point to the direction of the wedding for people to find it easily. (total cost: $1.)
I went to the dollar tree & bought a sign in the luau party section that said "Tropical cafe." i painted over this side with blue & wrote "wedding" in orange" and on the other side i left it white since there was nothing on it & wrote "wedding" on it as well. I'm not sure where the sign will hang so i  don't know which side of the sign we'll use, which is why i painted both. i used paint i already had and that was it. simplest project yet.


DIY 2: Next i have a customized hanger. I plan to hang my 'Bride' shirt i made on it until i get my dress from the shop. (total cost: about .43 cents a piece) I plan to make one for each of my bridesmaids for their shirts & dresses too.
I bought a velvet kind of hanger (1.30/3 pack @ dollar general) & just hot glued letters made from colored floral wire ($1 @ dollar tree) on the bottom part. i then took a piece of blue ribbon i got off my nephews easter basket, some of the jewels i had leftover from my shoes, & leftover paint & added some finishing touches. i like the way it turned out & i don't have to worry about it not being strong enough like i would if i made it completely out of wire.

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  1. This is great!! I've been looking for how to do this because I was wanting to get one for my mom, MIL, and my bridesmaids, but that was going to cost over $200 to order them off of Etsy. Thank you for all the great DIY projects!


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