Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bling Wedding Shoes-CHECK!

Ever better then i could have imagined. I went to the local mountain mission (which is kind of like a goodwill) & right as i walked in in search of an old pair of heels the announcer spoke over the intercom thing "we are now closing" so i rushed with my mom as she was looking at a rack of dresses i seen them. and in that 1 second i knew those were the shoes i needed. "MOM" i blurted out. i picked up the shoes & said these r the ones i need. I took em to the counter (trying to hurry because they were closing) without even trying them on & bought them.
THEY COST $1. ....after renovation: $5
They fit me! they just happen to be my size & only a dollar. Although old and used i figured it was nothing a good cleaning & shoe polish couldn't fix.
(not too bad for only $1)

A hard scrubbing with wet wipes, a good coat or 2 of shoe polish & 3 packs of Walmart gems later.

oh & i finally got an officiant for my wedding. YAY!
ill keep you all posted on my wedding progress!
                                                                                        your own DIY bride to be hillbilly princess!

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