Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okay so i know i havent really got the chance to get on here and just blog, it's mostly projects. So today iv'e reached a special point in my engagement, the 2 month this wedding mark. gosh its so close. My fiance' however seems to think we have plenty of time lol. But i got alot done last night, so recently this week ive bought a few things to use on a couple of projects, im waiting for it in the mail. But last night i went to walmart and spent $12 on things to make my centerpieces, and then i spend about $70 online buying things i needed. One of them being my cake topper which i will show a pic of.
My cake topper! My man lovesss his fishing, so i thought this would be totally cute on the top of our cake. once i get it i have to take it to my sister (who makes awesome wedding cakes) so she can use it for practice runs and figure out how she's doing my cake.

I also ordered (what i hope is the last) of the flowers i needed. So all together on flowers i've spent about $50. which isnt too bad since that includes 6 bout's, my bouquet, my throw away bouquet, my 4 bridesmaids bouquets & the corsages. I found a good deal online for the flowers i need at where i spent bout 16 dollars on 84 orange roses! and i bought my white and blue flowers from the dollar tree (they didn't have no orange)

I sent out a bridesmaids newsletter which the girls loved. i got the template from Pics below pages 1-5.

I showed a few of my projects to one of my friends yesterday and it got her uber excited. So today i am getting together with her to work on a playlist & were going to my fiance's cousins house to talk to her about the wedding. Wish me luck on my planning mission to plan the awesomest wedding ever in 3 months time! so far so good. Bye lovies!

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