Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Personalized Mug Gift!


{I know I have not been around a lot, trust me we have had ALOT going on! I have been going to my grandmother's every weekend to help her prepare for the holiday season but this coming weekend will be my very favorite, our famous candy making party where me, my sister, and my grandmother get together and make all kinds of Christmas candy. My grandmother likes to give out cans of candy to friends and family for the holidays! Buckeyes, Peanut butter roll, Pumpkin roll, Truffles, Coconut Balls, Gingerbread, and much more! It's AWESOME! So again I repeat, I may not be able to post much.}

Anyways..on to this superrr easy gift idea!

This gift idea would make a great Christmas gift, I am actually making many mugs for all kinds of different people for Christmas! It's cheap, it's easy, and its personalized!! I LOVE IT! The mug in this post was made for my grandfather.


Zip loc bag

Lets Get Started...
1. First make sure you have a clean mug, It helps to wash it lol.

2. Practice what you are going to write. If you are using a stencil you can skip this step but for this mug I couldn't find the font I wanted and I figured it would be much easier to just write it on the mug freehand. It helps to have a wet wipe or wet napkin near by and if you mess up you can wipe it off real fast before it dries. I just wrote the name a few times to get it exactly how I wanted it on paper to practice.

3. Next I just wrote it on the mug, again I repeat, it helps to have a wet napkin or wipe nearby to wipe fast if you mess up, it should wipe off easily as long as you wipe it fast enough.

4. Bake it in the oven at 350 Degrees for 30 Minutes! Put the mug in the oven before you even turn it on so the mug can warm up slowly as the oven does, then when It's done do not immediately take it out, just turn the oven off and let the mug cool down as the oven does. Just to be safe I left my mug in the oven almost an hour after it baked (mainly because I forgot it was in there lol) ...I was worried at first because the hubs family said it would surely bust the cup because our oven gets so hot so I hesitated but trust me, it should be fine. If you under bake it the words can rub off so be sure to bake it right! 30 MINUTES AT 350!


5. Next gather some candy! Since this mug was for my grandfather I got some of his favorite sugar free candy!

6. Mix the candy and fill up the mug as full as you can get it.

7. Next take a cellophane bag and put the mug down in it. I taped the top of mine and added a ribbon so you cant see where i closed and taped it. If it is long enough though you can tie it with the ribbon or a zip tie but mine was not long enough to reach far past the mug so i just taped it closed and added a bow!

That is it! You are done and now you have a cute cheap personalized gift that was not hard to make at all. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this and sorry I have been gone and I might not be posting as much as usual for a while but I will try my best!! :) Thank you all!!


  1. This is such a cute idea! I love it. I am visiting you over from the CHQ blog hop and I am your newest follower :) Would love if you could come by sometime for a visit.


    1. aww thank you, I will definitely stop by and take a look around your blog!! Thank you so much for stopping by, commenting, and following! I appreciate it so much! :)

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