Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DIY aisle runner Instructions!

My inspiration was the 'road to the aisle' blog. i was so nervous & scared to do it because i didn't wanna risk screwing it up but i decided to give it a try and luckily it wasnt near as hard as i expected and i like how it turned out.
1. First you pick out what you want on it & draw or print it out. i printed out the names and date in "English 157 BT'' but i drew out the S on my own on poster board because i wanted my own S cause i couldnt find one i liked.
2. Get all your supplies together. (I got blue & orange paint, paint brushes in all different sizes, a paper plate to put the paint on, a cup of water for brush dipping & cleaning, wax paper, the template, pencil, the aisle runner, tape, & iPod-optional)
3. Tape it down how u want it
4. Next you unroll the aisle runner over the taped down template you made and tape it so it doesn't move.
5. Trace it on your aisle runner with a pencil. (do it lightly if you plan to use a light color, i didn't and u could see the pencil outline over my orange.)
6. Then you remove the template from under the aisle runner.
7. Tape wax paper down under the aisle runner. (cause the paint will seep through & u don't want your aisle runner sticking to paper or the floor)
8. Tape the aisle runner back down.
9. Start painting, starting with the lightest color. Take your time & pace yourself, if not you'll have screw ups. I started from the top of the page & worked my way down but if u need to it may be best to start in the middle & work your way out.
10. Add any final touches or adjustments to fix any accidents or mess-ups that may have occurred. 
11. Let dry completely. Make sure you store your aisle runner somewhere it wont be ruined like in a garbage bag until the big day.

             YOUR DONE!

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