Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Location Disaster!

Okay we had a place chosen for our wedding day, we had it arranged to get married there july 7th of this year (2011). It was a banquet room located in a local resturaunt in our town. But now suddenly the place is unavailable to us! According to i have exactly 78 days til my wedding. Thats 2 months 2 weeks & 3 days! THATS ONLY 2 AND A HALF MONTHS! and i have NO LOCATION! wow! Disaster has struck so first thing in the morning i have to start calling around and try and find a place to get married at but from what i understand June-July is Wedding Season & also Summer Event season where local places hold events and things like that which might make it hard to find an available place for my wedding. Wish me luck!!
                                                                           Ashley (the hillbilly princess)

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