Friday, August 31, 2012

Zombie Posters + Zombie Party Game!

Zombies! The kids here love em. This is a third continued post of my original DIY Zombie Party Decor post 1 and then Zombie Cake (zombie party post 2).

This isn't necessarily a tutorial but more of a post just showing you how I made these posters and how you can turn them into a fun kids party game!


1. First I drew my outline. I just drew up the zombies, not with a lot of details or anything (I plan to add those as I color them.) I hand drew these but you can print out large pictures of zombies or trace them or however you choose to do it. (disclaimer: I am no artist and am not saying I am good at drawing lol.)
I made one poster of a girl zombie, & one of a boy. So during the game they could choose who they wanted to kill and more than one kid could play at a time.

2. Next (you guessed it) I colored the zombies! I just colored them and added details as I done it such as random spots all over them to make them look dirty and red spots to make them look bloody. When I think of zombies I think of dark n gross, so I colored there skin grey, there clothes brown and dark blue, and used black and brown and grey to make shades and dirt spots all over them. I colored around their eyes black to make them look dead and added red blood spots all over them with red crayons.

& They are finished!! Here's pics of each of them!

The Game:
Adult Version: Hang the posters and stand back a few feet and throw darts at the zombies. Make it a competition, head shots and heart shots are the kill shots!!

Kid Version: fill some water-balloons with some watered-down paint (so you can get it in the balloons easier and stretch your paint further into more balloons.) Let the kids throw the balloons at the Zombies that you've hung on the wall (protect your floors and walls if you are indoors, but I highly suggest this as an outdoor game if you plan to use paint.) Remember Head shots and Heart shots are the kill shots.


  1. Thank you for linking this up to the Keep Calm and Link Up party - I bet you will have an awesome Halloween party!

  2. Oh, and thanks for joining us for the CHQ blog hop too - we loved having you and hope to see you again next week!

    1. Thank you so much & I appreciate you taking the time to stop by :)

  3. Love this.....we are all huge Walking Dead fans....


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