Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Baby Easter Tutu

Easter is soo close, and my sister recently had a baby. A little girl, finally my first niece that I can make girly things for! My grandmother found a onesie at Walmart for only $3.25. Which sounds high for just a onesie but if we could get the rest of the outfit for free it would be a complete set for only $3.25, now that's cheap. My sister had not yet got an outfit for the baby for Easter so we decided this would be the perfect plan. The onesie as you can see says "my first Easter" she was born February 19, 2013 so this will definitely be her first Easter. I decided for bottoms a cute skirt would be good, but a tutu would be better.

Easter Onesie- $3.25 at Walmart

All you need for the tutu is:
needle & thread
& tulle in color of choice

I already had everything I needed. (if your wondering why I had tulle laying around, it was left over from our wedding decorations)

I did not take pictures of how I done this but I remembered how to do it from previous tutorials I had seen. In case you haven't seen one Here is a good tutorial that explains what to do to make this easy tutu, just adjust the size to fit your child!

I just wanted to show you guys in case you are last minute needing a easy cheap baby outfit for Easter! I will  probably add pics of my niece in the outfit after easter! 

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