Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Water Bottle Labels *New & Improved*

Hello my craft loving friends!
I am always getting questions about these personalized water bottle labels I made for my wedding back in 2011. However I made those years ago and have since had my pc I made them on crash so I no longer had the template which was requested and asked for alot. So because so many people ask about them I decided to remake them but an updated version. I will be sharing with you a birthday template, 2 baby shower label templates (girl and boy), and a blank template of them where you can add whatever you want on to it. So let's just get on to the labels!!!

Instructions for download:
Rather then a download I will just be sharing the pictures below where you can right-click and save them to your computer! Then all you do is print and cut out and you are ready to go. They should be just the right size to fit an average sized water bottle. It helps if you take clear packaging tape and cover the labels (almost like laminating them) to make them waterproof.

                                                       Birthday Labels!

Baby Shower for boy!

Baby Shower for a Girl!

Blank Labels
For the blank labels you can save them and just add whatever words you want for whatever occasion you may have whether it be a graduation or bridal shower. Once you save the picture you can open it in paint or another picture editing program or website of your choice to add whatever pictures and words you want. I like to use ribbet.com or picmonkey.com. 

I hope these labels help you guys out and help you all throw some awesome partys. People will definitely be talking about how awesome it is that you have your own personalized water bottle labels at all your events. I love to see when people use things I've posted so please if you use these don't forget to share your pictures of the finished product with me so I can see all of the awesome bottles and party decor you make with the template.

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