Saturday, March 29, 2014

Project: Making Home! Version 2.0...Coming Soon!!

Hellooo friends! If any of you have been following my blog you will know almost 2 years ago me and the husband bought a dump of a fixer upper with hopes to fix it up. Well we actually ended up selling it before we finished it and bought another one (in better shape) but a lot smaller. It is still overall a fixer-upper though. So me and the husband have had the new place a while and haven't done anything to it yet waiting for this horrible winter to pass so we could begin once spring/summer hit. Despite the fact that the forecast here calls for snow tonight, it is spring! Once it starts really warming up we are going to start working on it so I was just giving you guys a heads-up that there will be progress hopefully within the next few months and I will try to keep you all updated as we tackle this project. A big project, of making a home out of an old fixer-upper. I work a full time job 6 days a week and the hubby is also working a full time job so when we can get time for this will be the hardest part but we are both excited to tackle this! So join us, for Project: Making Home 2.0!! The new and hopefully soon to be completed version!!! YEAHHH!!!!

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