Thursday, March 13, 2014

Polymer Clay Jewelry?

Hello strangers!!!
Its been FOREVERRR! I'm still without a computer (by choice actually) I know this sounds crazy but I really don't find much of a need for a computer other than blogging. I do almost everything on my phone now. I've had chances to get a computer but then I figured when I'm not at work I'm sleeping so I wouldn't get much time to play with it when I can just do all the same stuff on my phone.

However that doesn't mean I am never going to blog again, I can still use my mother's computer when I'm at her house (which is pretty often) If I can just make myself do it lol.

Now what you came here for,
Polymer Clay!!!????!!! Say WHATTT???

Yes! You heard me right, POLYMER CLAY!
I have recently discovered this medium and to put it lightly, I'M OBSESSED! I absolutely LOVE this clay, (cap locks doesn't even do my love for it justice). However I am just starting to play around with it so everything I make looks like a second grader made it and looks like it was sloppily made with play dough but its fun! It is such an amazing creative outlet that anyone (I mean ANYONE) can do. If I can do it, so can you!!!!

This is not a tutorial, just a blog post showing you what I have gotten into craft-wise and this is it, clay!...I do have a few pics of a few of the things I've made that I will share with you guys. I may decide to make tutorials for some of the things I make in the future. If you have any requests just let me know!!!

I'll write what everything is & a little something about it (like why I made it or what its for, blah blah blah)

First is my favorite,

*The Monster Necklace!
My little brother actually asked me to make this for him and I really wished I coulda just kept it for myself after I made it.

*Kentucky Necklace
This I made for me, inspired by this necklace I seen on pinterest which costs $55. So I decided to make one (in Kentucky wildcat colors of course). So here's mine....

*BFF-Rock, Paper, Scissors Keychains!
I made these for me and two of my friends who are all real close. (funny story: I actually texted them both in a group message and said "rock paper scissors?" one answered rock and the other paper. So they picked which keychain's they were getting without even knowing it LOL. Which luckily left me with scissors which was the worst looking one anyways so I'm glad I didn't have to give it away and be embarrassed haha!)

*(Lucky) Card Earrings!
I made these inspired also by some earrings I seen on Pinterest here. Mine are of course a little different but I really liked them. They are going to be my lucky card playing earrings so when the family gets together to play spades (which is quite often), I will definitely be rocking these for luck! (another one of my favorites I've made)

*Pacman Earrings!
Wocka Wocka Wocka!! LOL. These I made just for fun and out of boredom. I wore them to work that night and got tons of compliments on them lol. My nephew however fell in love with them and kept playing with them, so I ultimately ended up taking them off the earrings and turning them into key chains for him. (which he is in love with, he is 5 after all) 

First is my Xbox 360 controller charm. Inspired also by pinterest. Lots of people liked this one, So I will probably make more and make a pair of earrings! :)   ...(not as hard as it looks btw) 

Slice of Cake Charm!
I just made this to work on the clay and just have something to play around with, probably will add a lobster clasp and use it for a charm bracelet.

Cup of Coffee.
This was actually made for my mother, she wanted an orange coffee cup charm (which light coffee specifically in it) to match her favorite orange coffee cup. This was made as a charm for her charm bracelet.

Swirl Cupcake
The first thing I had ever made with the clay. It was a tester so its far from perfect but still a cute charm.

The Fortune Cookie.
probably one of the worst looking ones, LOL. It is a little sloppy and I definitely am gonna have to work on my fortune cookie making skills but oh well. Still a charm I made. (dont laugh at it) LOL.

YEAHH You could say I've gone clay crazy lately and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. I'm having way too much fun! Just thought I'd update you guys on all the crafts I've been into :) Hope you all have a great day & Happy Crafting!

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