Saturday, January 18, 2014

My HGTV Addiction!!

So as you all know I am still computer-less, but believe I do miss my bloglife. I definitely plan to get back to it eventually. Haha.! In the meantime I have been working alot so I can save for our fixer-upper we plan to start digging into around april or may when spring starts to, well, SPRING! Happy weather makes for happy diy-ing, atleast thats what im telling myself. I definitely plan to take lots of pictures and dtails of every step as we brave the dreaded renovating. I the only whacko whos completely addicted to hgtv? It makes me want to go work on my place even quicker. Ahhh I love all the shows, property brothers, house crashers, and house hunters. Drives me crazy with excitement.

but yeah sorry to waste too much time. Ill try to be back soon. Bye lovies!

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