Monday, June 9, 2014

A new front door!!

Sooo this is a blog post from my phone. So it will not be detailed or extravagant in any I type this my dog is laying on my lap chewing on basically anything he can get his paws on and the hubs is gone fishing, so this is a last minute spur of the moment post...on with it!!!

Knock, knock, knockin on heavens dooorrrrr!!! I just wanna sing when I think about my door!

 Introducing, my brand new front door!! I know compared to the nice door the rest of the house looks skank. Haha! This is my not so lovely mobile home. The door we had on it before had a busted out window, so basically anyone could reach their hand in and unlock the door (which if you know anything about mobile homes in the south, it's not a good thing) so before we went into depth working on the inside we wanted to be sure what we done was not going to be tampered with, so step one, a door! Got this one from lowes, it's just your cheap basic exterior door. Bout $126 plus tax. I am super excited about a door. It's one step closer to where we need to be. We also ripped all the walls off and tore out all the old insulation because it is an old mobile home it will need all new wiring and the insulation was horrid.

Gonna add a deadbolt later to the door. We used a basic house door to Make the small mobile home seem more like a house and because of that we had to cut out the frame wider to fit the larger house door. And by we I mean my husband and awesome handyman/stepdad. Hehe! 
They would kill me if they knew I took this pic at work, what I like to see! 

Why an ugly yellow trailer?...well dont worry, it won't be yellow-brown forever. We are thinking of maybe a vinyl siding in the future..but we will see when time comes and we get to it.

So I know it don't seem like much but we have done a few other things to it that I didn't record but I will try to keep track as we go along, I know this is's not a tutorial or anything but I was just so excited to have a door I just wanted to show it off and share my excitement! More to come soon guys!!! Stay tuned...

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