Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Snow of the year in Kentucky

So because of storm Sandy, we have gotten snow storm threats...I woke up this morning and what did I see??..Snow..SNOW! AHHH! The first snow of the season and it's not even Halloween yet, tonight was the trick or treating for my town, which will probably be cancelled (good thing I didn't plan on going.) but it sucks for the kids. But on the positive side I'm sure they are much more happy with the fact that school was cancelled today and they get to play in the snow.

 So I tried to take a picture of the snow and in the picture you cant see the snow falling but that's okay!!  I still can't believe its snowing already, last year it didn't even snow until after Christmas (which is only 56 days away!)  That's less than 2 months. eek!

& As you guys know the hubs gets sent out to work when bad storms and natural disasters happen, So right when he got back from his trip this past weekend he is leaving again. Darn you Storm Sandy!

{the view out my front door of the snowy mountains}


  1. Wow!! It's windy, rainy, and cold but no snow yet in Frankfort.

    1. I kind of wish it wasn't snowing here, its so cold. I'm down in Southeast KY, so were getting the snow because of Storm Sandy. They say were expecting anywhere from 3-10" but it looks like it's already starting to melt lol. :) Thanks for stopping by & Commenting!


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