Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY At Home Baby Photo Shoot

So the Hubs Aunt has a new baby, and every month when he gets one month older she takes a picture of him. Well on the day he turned 10 month old she put me responsible of taking his picture!! They usually just take a random picture, not dressing him up or anything, and I felt the need to overachieve so I set up a little photo shoot! This post is so late, that the baby turned 1 year old yesterday! HAHA!! But I'll show you how I took his pictures when he turned 10 months old!

This was my favorite shot I got of this gorgeous little man!  I did block out his middle and last name off the little sign I made for safety reasons.

{Now I'm no photographer and I don't have no big fancy dslr camera. I work with a GE brand point & shoot that the hubby got me for Christmas last year.}

I'm going to show you how I set up for my little photo shoot we done because the family all loved the pictures and asked how we managed to get such good pictures.

1. Most important thing that contributed to these pictures is lots of natural light. In hubs aunts room they have these big sliding doors that let in a lot of natural light, so I set up right in front of it!! (I did blur out the neighbors house. I didn't want to be rude and just post a picture of their house online LOL) But I would suggest setting up near a big door or window or maybe even outside as long as the sun isn't too strong that it will cause a lot of squinting. Because you have all this natural light make sure you turn your flash off, your pictures will look very natural and they will turn out much better.

2. Backdrop Setup! I moved the baby's crib into the bedroom and put it right in the middle of the floor. Then I took blanket that had a plain white side and draped it over the side of the crib and on the floor. the view from the window looked very clean and neat.

3. Props! You can pick and choose whichever props you want, I made a sign and gave the baby his new dog his mom had just bought him to keep him happy. (I did originally plan to have the baby hold the sign but he tried to crumble it up and then he tried to eat it, so I ended up just taping it to a box and letting him lean up on it. I even sit him on top of the box at one point or another. Play around with what you got and get all kinds of different angles and poses.) The more pics you take the better chance you'll get a few good pictures, so don't just take one or two, keep taking more and more so you have more to pick and choose from, I ended up with over 50.

Making the sign!
You can print out your sign (which would be much easier & quicker), or you can make it like I did. I just took some plain white computer paper, drew on the baby's age & full name, then I colored it with markers!!
(again for safety reasons his name is hidden)

Set up & take your pictures. It helps to have someone else there with you to talk to the baby to get them to laugh and smile, I had hubby's uncle helping me (the baby absolutely loves him). I did edit the picture a little but only by changing the exposure a little bit to make it a little bit brighter so the colors weren't so dull, that's the only editing I did. I done my editing on

But that is how I set up a backdrop & props to take some awesome pictures of this adorable little 10 month (now 12 month) old baby! Hopefully this helps you get ideas of ways to setup to take some adorable pics of the babies or even kids in your life!

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  1. Fun! I'm glad he cooperated long enough to geta good shot, mine won't :) Thanks for joining us at the CHQ Blog Hop this week :) Hope to see you again next week!


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