Thursday, October 25, 2012

Husband Free Weekend!

So this morning the husband left to go out of state on a business trip, and he will be gone until late Saturday night. Now I will definitely miss my husband (it sucks when he has to leave) But I am husband free for the weekend & I'm not sure why, but I feel like I can get sooo much done!

Projects & My P.H.D. ;)
This time alone is the perfect opportunity to stop, sit down, and spend all my time catching up on projects I should have had finished a long time ago!! I'm one of those people that starts like 10 projects at a time, yep that's me! Working on my PHD ;) and no I am not talking about a real PHD! Projects Half Done!

{source: Pinterest}

I will probably use the opportunity to work on my DIY Christmas presents, (like I said, Christmas will be cheap and homemade this year). & Yes I know I am a freak talking about Christmas before Halloween has even hit yet, and don't get me wrong, I love Halloween & Thanksgiving, but Christmas just has so much to be put into it that I like to start ahead of time. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving, I celebrate. {Music Breakdown: Cel-e-brate good times COME ON!..dun dun dun dun Let's Celebrate!}

That's only 2 months away!! 
Which seems like plenty of time, but if your making gifts like I am (and if you procrastinate and start 20 projects at a time like I do) then trust me, you will need every bit of that 2 months!

WOO HUSBAND FREE PROJECT WEEKEND!! (I really do love & miss my husband already) But I might as well make the best of it right? So hopefully I will get tons done this weekend...{or maybe I will end up not getting out of bed, and do nothing but wear sweats and watch Netflix} Gosh I hope not, but gosh that sounds wonderful! I guess we will see!! :)

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