Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello November!! + DIY Batman Mask!

I know, I know, I've been M.I.A., no worries I'm aware. I just wanted to welcome November with open arms. I of course am late as always, seeing as how November started a week ago. But I been gone and busy and I know excuses excuses but for real, hear me out! I have been at my grandparents house helping them clean out a lot of their old stuff and do a deep cleaning in their house before the holiday season chaos begins!!

There are lots of great things about November and fall, and one of my favorites is thanksgiving!!
My granny makes me my own bowl of banana pudding every year because it's my favorite, but I love everything about thanksgiving dinner! I love the turkey, ham, stuffing, and everything else. Pies and desserts, family being together, getting to really sit down and realize what your thankful for, which I am thankful for many many things!!

I also love the layering with shirts and sweatshirts and leggings and boots!! LOVEEEE!!!

& I tend to try and get all my Christmas shopping done as soon as possible so I can enjoy the holidays and not stress about gifts (even though I actually really enjoy Christmas shopping)
Speaking of...
Christmas is next month, can you believe it???

And also speaking of holidays, on to the last one. Last minute we decided to take my nephew trick or treating in our county but his costume was at my sisters house because she was taking him trick or treating in her county the next night. I know it is a little late to be showing a Halloween costume DIY but I didnt even make this until the day of Halloween because like I said, it was last minute. But maybe it can inspire you for next year if your in need of a cheap and easy batman mask. I had everything I needed already at the house. So we took out a pair of his batman pajamas that have the cape made on, some cardboard, a rubber band, and black paint...and we had BATMAN!

To Make The Mask:
I used a flimsy cardboard to make his mask. I drew out the shape I wanted, cut it out & cut out the eye holes, & painted it black. Then I cut a rubber band so it was one long stretchy band, poked 2 small holes in the mask, one on each side of the eyes to hold it on his head, then i pulled an end in each hole and tied a knot. (I just happened to use a yellow rubber band too which matches the batman symbol and totally didn't realize it til after!)
So that was our quick but cute last minute batman!

Sorry for all the rambling but as a future reference, I will be going back to my grandmothers tomorrow (where there is no internet) to be helping her clean more, we still have tons to do. So that is why I have not been posting and probably wont get to much for a while. But I will post some DIY Christmas presents as soon as I can get the chance!

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