Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: Tic-Tac containers turned Stylish Bobby Pin Holder

     But in all honesty I have gotten my mother addicted to Pinterest, maybe not as addicted as I am but she's getting there...anyways, she seen some people put bobby pins in Tic-Tac containers just for convenience & i told her we should take it one step further with Mod-Podge & some scrap book paper! Which she immediately returned back with "Whats Mod-Podge?" So I decided to let her take the reins & do it to kind of show her how to use Mod-Podge & what it is and such. Here's how we made stylish bobby pin containers for our purses:

-EMPTY TIC-TAC CONTAINERS (we have 2, one for mom & 1 for me)
-SCRAPBOOK PAPER (in any design or color you want it, we just used what we had laying around the house)
-SCISSORS (to cut the scrapbook paper & such)
-MOD-PODGE (to stick the scrapbook paper onto the containers. You can buy Mod-Podge @ Walmart)
-FOAM BRUSH (to brush on the Mod-Podge. got a pack of 9 in a variety of sizes for $1 @ the dollar tree)
-BOBBY PINS [optional]-(to put in the container, duh!)


1. CLEAN TIC-TAC CONTAINER. Once you have your empty Tic-Tac container take all of the labels off & clean it so you've got a nice clean surface to work with.

2. MEASURE SCRAPBOOK PAPER. We just laid the Tic-Tac container on the scrapbook paper to decide how far up the paper needed to be cut to fit the bottle. (luckily for me this scrapbook paper was separated with 2 different kinds on one page, and one end was the perfect size, so I didn't have to do much measuring.)

3. CUT SCRAPBOOK PAPER. Cut it where you measured it reached.

4. MEASURE LENGTH & CUT AGAIN. I wrapped the scrapbook paper around it until I reached as far as it needed to and cut off the excess.

5. MOD-PODGE TIC-TAC CONTAINER. We used a small foam brush to spread Mod-Podge on all the outter sides of the Tic-Tac bottle.

6. STICK SCRAPBOOK PAPER TO MOD-PODGE. carefully place it evenly on the bottle. Then slowly & carefully roll the container sticking the scrapbook paper to it a little at a time all around it making sure to press out any air bubbles. Then hold the crease a few seconds to make sure it is sticking & that is is secure.

 7. MOD-PODGE ON SCRAPBOOK PAPER. Next we just used the small foam brush again to spread Mod-Podge over the scrapbook paper to seal it in.

8. LET DRY! I set it up so no wet sides were laying down and let it dry completely.

9. BAM! FINISHED! Put your lid on it, fill it with bobby pins & throw that bad boy in your purse or bag.
(CONFESSION: lol I totally got impatient & put the bobby pins in them & took this picture before they was actually 100% dry & you can kinda tell in the picture, but it didn't hurt them any!)

This was such an easy simple cute idea & i'm glad me & my mom thought to spice it up a lil but with some style. I hope this may have helped or inspired some of you! Keep DIY-ing on!

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