Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Design? Tips & help needed.

I have spent days...hours upon hours, trying to figure out my blog design..
& omg! I give major props to all you out there who have mastered this.
From signatures to blog buttons & headers & links, ahhhhhh!!!

I wanted a cool custom signature, but yeah it wasn't working.
I'm taking this opportunity to try out a plain old signature made on a signature generating site or something
(you can go to it by click on my name below on my sig.)

I tried making blog buttons, yeah didn't look too good.
Cannot figure out how to put the menu bar thing on the top that takes you to individual sections & pages.
Wouldn't even know where to start.

BUT I have been changing & updating things slowly but surely.
I am just CLUELESS with all this blog design stuff.
Some people hire professional blog designers to fix up their blogs, but lord knows I surely can't afford that.
My blog will just have to remain mediocre & amateurish for now!

BUT, if any of you all know how to do anything that could help me or any tips
that would freakin awesome & greatly appreciated.
Just comment & send me links 2 tutorials or gimme' tips.
Whatever you got i'll check it out!!


  1. Totally agreed. Would love to have the different tabs at the top!!

    1. if you ever figure it out let me know, haha! I'll keep trying.


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