Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY: Picture Cutting Board!

Today I have a SUPER DUPER UBER easy do-it-yourself activity. A cutting board, with a picture on it. I totally give all credit for this idea to The Sweet Talk Shop website. I was floating around on Pinterest looking for good craft ideas when I seen this {Sweet & Easy Crafts} Decorative Monogram Cutting Board . This was a brilliant idea & I had a housewarming shower thing to go to this past weekend for my cousin & thought this would be the perfect time to try this project. Her kitchen is going to be done in Sunflowers, which was my inspiration for this board design.

-Clear glass cutting board (I got mine from dollar tree for only $1. it was a 7.5" by 7.5" I believe.)
-Your Picture or Design (you can print whatever you want, you can do a picture like i did [which was a picture of a sunflower] or a monogram like the sweet talk shop did.)
-Mod Podge (I used matte)
-Foam Paint Brush (I got a pack of 9 in all different sizes for only $1 at the dollar tree.)

Now because I got caught up in this project I didn't take pictures as I went but it's so easy you don't even need it.

1. Print Picture or Design (preferably print it to size of the cutting board so it will fit)

2. Cut Picture to desired size or shape (because my cutting board was round I decided to cut the picture to be round so they flow better)

3. Cover BACK of cutting board with Mod Podge! (I don't know how safe it is to put mod Podge on a surface where you plan to put food & things you will be eating so I would definitely recommend putting the mod Podge & picture on the back, hence why the cutting board needs to be clear [so you can see the picture through it].

4. Place picture on (wet) Mod Podge. Press the picture down good & make sure there are no air bubbles, (mine might have had a few because I didn't think to do this step.) [Make sure if the cutting board is face down, you put the picture face down. So when the cutting board is right side up, so is your picture.] (I know this is common sense but I feel like I must remind people because I know when I'm reading a tutorial I like very detail explained.) 

5. Mod Podge back of cutting board over picture. This is to seal in your picture. Make sure it's laying face down so the Mod Podge doesn't stick to your table or anything.

6. Let Dry! okay so this is the part that was tricky for me. I have read many tutorials on Mod Podge (since I haven't used it much yet) & they all say they will dry clear, So after I left it sitting out overnight & it still had some white on the picture on the front I started to worry. But after a few hours I checked & it had finally dried, had me worried there for a second. So if it does take a long time to dry don't be surprised, mine took hours.

At the housewarming shower nobody could tell this was home made, once I did tell someone it was homemade & she told my cousin who I made it for, they all could not believe it was do-it-yourself and went nuts for it. It was awesome! Talk about a crafting ego boost!!!

I tried & tried many times to get a picture without all the glares on the cutting board & just could not do it. So these were the best pics I could get. But be sure to check out The Sweet Talk Shop's Website for their great tutorial on this! 


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