Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Reupholster project. woot woot!

Yes I reupholstered something for the first time, and gosh i had to Google that word to make sure i spelled it right, Reupholster. LOL oh and I was WRONG. haha. Besides that, my stepdad & I decided to take on the challenge of Re-upholstering my moms new dining room chairs she just got. The seats were white & she was worried it would be too messy. She bought the fabric but kept putting off doing it, so me & the stepdad decided to do it for her as a surprise. This was also my first time ever using a staple gun (nobody ever trusted me enough to let me use one before.) I didnt take pics of each step but I do have before & After pics. Im kinda proud. ENJOYYY.



Had fun & Im kinda proud lol

See Ya'll Soon,
The Hillbilly Princess

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