Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family Binder...Start!

Okay so I have a bunch of projects in the midst of my mind. All kinds.
I'm trying to get around to working on them while i manage my crazy life. I just have so many ideas I never know which ones to start on. However I have made a decision and have something in the process of being made.
It's a Family-Home Binder.
& let me tell you, this sucker has had me changing my mind a thousand times. I read a bunch of other peoples categories and what they put in it but my life is strange and so I have subjects I need others don't have and there's subjects alot of other people have but I just don't feel the need for.
So I have started with a list of all kinds of random things I would like to put in my binder. Receipts, homework assignments (since I'm still in college), to do list, calender, contacts, passwords, etc. and I've tried to organize them how I want them in order in the book and what will go where and what categories and subcategories there will be and lets just say the page is covered in scribbles since I've been moving everything around. I just want to have it completely planned out before I actually print everything & stick them in my book in case I change my mind last minute. I already have my binder & dividers & such. So be looking for a organizational binder comin from me soon. :)

-ashley the hillbilly princess

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