Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Cake Stand!

2 posts in one day, man I'm on a roll lol. Again I'll repeat it's my moms birthday. She had mentioned a while back she wanted cupcakes, so I made her some. & one thing about my mommy is she is just like me. CHOCAHOLIC. So I got Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake mix and Chocolate icing her favorite. I also bought edible pearls for the cupcakes. For the cake stand I got a small mini cake stand for about $4 at Walmart.  I also bought a pack of mini glass pearls from the craft and bead section of Walmart for $2.50. They had all different sizes but I got the smallest ones I could find so it was kinda not so crazy and almost looked like the same pearls as on the cakes lol. I crazy glued the beads to the cake stand so the cake stand would be decorated and pretty just like the cupcakes. This did take a while to do so make sure u do this a while ahead of time because the glue takes a while to dry.

Supplies used:
Cake plate $4 (Walmart)
Glass Pearls $2.50 (Walmart)
Crazy Glue $1
Doilie (optional) $1/pack of 40 (Dollar General)
1. PLAN OUT THE SIZE OF THE LOOPS. This is your cake plate you can design it how you want, large drapey loops hanging or right on the plate, you pick the length you like your drapes to hang.
2. CRAZY GLUE THE BEADS TO THE CAKE PLATE. I did not take the beads off the string because I dont want to glue every bead, just keep the string held tight. I'll warn you now, It takes about 5 or 10 minutes to get the beads to actually stay on to where it dont fall off. So you will have to hold it the first 5 or 10 minutes, then i left it there and would walk off for about 15 or 20 minutes until I was sure it was dry. Then I would come back and start on another loop until I made my whole way around the cake plate.

4. YOUR DONE. You can choose to decorate with a doilie like i did but its completely optional. So this was a tutorial using 3, or optionally 4 items. Simple right? 

Hope you guys enjoyed this, I am pretty proud of it. My mom loved it.
Yours Truly,
The Hillbilly Princess!

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