Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Butterfly Globe

Im not sure exactly what to call this. A butterfly globe habitat thing. I did not come up with this idea, i found it on pinterest from this lovely person's website:
Mine may not have turned out as good but my mom LOVED It. I made it for her as a birthday present, i know im a little late posting it! But here's my tutorial on how I did it.
DIY Butterfly Globe Habitat
1. FIRST, GLUE THE BRANCH TO THE PLATE. I bought this small clear plate to match the vase I got both at the Dollar tree a dollar a piece. I also bought some E-6000 glue from Walmart for like 2 or 3 dollars (crazy glue would not hold the stick up.) Found a nice branchy looking stick outside of my college early one morning.
2. LET IT DRY. The E-6000 glue took like overnight to dry, so I used an empty card box & a card just to hold it up til it was completely dry the next day. (i just wanted something light that wouldn't knock my stick over either way but would hold the stick still til it had time to dry).

3. PRINT OFF & CUT OUT BUTTERFLYS. or whatever creature u want to put in your little habitat! I just googled pictures of butterflys and printed about 6 of them some big some small in all different colors. I then used my X-acto knife to cut out each one.
4. GLUE BUTTERFLY'S TO BRANCH. So this time I just used crazy glue to stick all the butterfly's in random places on the branch. (try not to make them stick out too much though becuz gotta get the top over it without breaking and branches or takin off any butterflys.) 
5. PUT THE TOP ON & YOUR DONE. you can crazy glue it if you want, I did but just a few dots so its not too noticeable.  & BAM...a beautiful creation.

Hope you guys enjoyed this fun little craft, I enjoyed it & i loved the way it turned out. My mom loved it as well. <3 
                                                      The Hillbilly Princess

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