Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Design Tips 3 +Updated Blog Design!

Notice anything different today?? oh you shouldnt have *giggle*
LOL I redone my blog again, I didnt like how before it looked pixelated & blurry.
My background even looked pixelated & blurry!

So this time, I'm going to update you with the new things I did like create a new header with nav bar made on to it. created my new about me section with my picture there to your right--->
I also made a new button & installed a new background & made social media icons (which can be found underneath my about me introduction there on the right sidebar.)

& When I say I am going to give you blog tips I am clearly exaggerating the fact that I am just going to show you the links of tutorials that I used to help me rather than try to explain every step to you. I definitely want to give credit to those who's sites have helped me.

For my background I got this one off of The Cutest Blog on The Block where you can get cute free blog backgrounds & it tells you how to install them once you pick one!! Easy said, easy done!!

Notice my new button on the right sidebar there. Here it is again:

Wondering how I got this to match my profile. I made it on the wonderful PicMonkey!  I did this the same was as I did the first time so if ya just go HERE you will find my 1st Blog Design Tips Post which is where I tell how I made my button, I just used the same process.

Okay so this is probably my favorite thing that I updated, awesome right? I'm pretty excited about it & it was SOOO much easier then I thought it would be. I used the tutorial HERE by Something Swanky. I used way # 2, where the nav bar & header are together but it also gives u instructions how to make them seperate & I LOVED this!

Social Media Icons:
Okay I know I'm lacking in the social media department, I don't have a facebook or pinterest account for my blog, only my personal ones & I'm sure those can get boring. Also I just recently as you know made my twitter so I still don't even fully know how to use it or anything.  So yes I only have 2 social media icons, I'm sure that my social media outlets will grow as my blog does but for now I don't want to overwhelm myself just yet. But the tutorial to make these was super easy, way easier then I thought. I just another Something Swanky tutorial that can be found HERE which shows you how to make all different kinds of social media icons for your blog. She has been a lifesaver!!

Okay this part I also love, I had seen about me's look like this & never knew how to do it but so thrilled I have. Also the tutorial I am about to link you to shows you how to make it with your social media icons made on too if thats what you prefer. I just didnt because I plan to eventually add more social media icons in the future & figure I'd save myself the trouble of redoing the whole thing rather then just adding new icons. It's awesome though. Another Something Swanky favorite, I swear she is a genius!! Just go Here to her tutorial & she shows you step by step how to do it.

Something Swanky's tutorials helped me with the majority of my changes & made it so easy to understand. So check out her DIY Blog Design Tutorials Here. You won't regret it, she has many more tutorials to check out to make your blog look wonderful! (& her food looks delicious too.)

Thank you guys for stopping by! Hope these tips help you like they have helped me!! =)

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